Ski Beech is opening on Tuesday with Five Slopes!

First Trax

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It’s been snowing pretty much all afternoon all over the Southeastern ski areas and combined with God’s blessings of natural snow and phenomenal snowmaking temperatures we will no doubt see more slope openings on Tuesday.

Most notable of the annoucements is the opening day for Ski Beech for the 2004-2005 ski season. They have announced that they will be open on Tuesday with five slopes and trails! They will be opening even more over the next couple of days as temperatures will stay COLD. Tuesday’s highs are expected to be in the 20s and overnight lows Tuesday night could see single digits.

New SkiBeech / SkiNC Camera is running! The cameras were delivered today and we hurried to get one configured and installed up at Ski Beech today. The images coming from this camera are FAR better than those of the past. Ski Beech was the FIRST ski area in the Southeast to have LIVE CAMS. This new camera is a partnership between,, and, of course Ski Beech.

We will be trying VERY HARD to get up on top of Sugar and install the new camera for the top of the mountain on Tuesday…AND we will attempt to get BACK over to Ski Beech and install the second of TWO cams for that mountain later in the week. The second camera will be further UP the slopes to provide for a different perspective on the mountain.

Stay Tuned!

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It’s COLD up at Ski Beech in North Carolina on Monday as icicles grow in length.
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Ski Beech started making snow on Saturday – This shot was taken Monday, and they will be open on Tuesday.
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