Six to Twelve Inches of Snow Fell in the Last 24 hours! Six to Twelve MORE will Fall Today and Sunday!

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I began writing references to the Groundhog Day movie back in late January when day after day more snow accumulated around the area and we woke up to the sound of the local school board peeps calling at 6am to inform us that our kids were out of school…yet again. (Check our archived articles.) Obviously the idea wasn’t all that original since there’s a cool "If Groundhog Day was based in Boone" YouTube video that has now seen more than 23,000 views. That’s the way it has been here in the mountains as we’re experiencing the best winter since I’ve been living in them (19 years).

A TRACE of new snow has fallen across the North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia ski resort commumities – while 6-12" of new snow has fallen from Winterplace to Wisp to Snowshoe Mountain. …and more snow is in the forecast for the next several days as we close in the 3rd Annual Summit. Snowshoe has seen 25" of in the last 24 hours or so and we’re going to experience some EPIC conditions for those attending.

Six to Twelve Inches of snow is forecasted for the mountains of North Carolina through the upper tier ski areas of West Virginia and Maryland today and Sunday. On top of everything we already have!

IN CASE YOU’VE MISSED IT – YOU (yes you) ARE INVITED to come and ski FREE, save some money on lodging and even hang out at a FREE party with like minded, snow-loving friends.

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Hi guys and gals, it’s Saturday, February 27th and we’re on day 93 of this snowy 2009-2010 ski and snowboarding season. Man how time flies! Due to Appalachian Ski Mountain’s announcement that was actually decided on at the END of last season – we have 44 more days of skiing and riding left as they and perhaps another resort or two will continue snow ops until April 11th this year.

I remind you guys of that because I have now heard from more people than I care to report about that MANY of you who come and read this website nearly every day – have not made it onto the slopes yet this season. For some it’s the economy and man-oh-man I can understand that and hate it more than you know for those of you who have just not been able to afford to hit the ski areas of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic this season because it has been a season to remember!

I’ve heard from many emailers who just share things like, "I so miss coming to the mountains. All that snow has been calling my name but we have just not been able to find the time with baseball, basketball, kids activities, etc, etc, etc."

All I have to say in response to those peeps is "Good grief!" Life’s too short to miss these kinds of epic snow conditions that we’re experiencing here in the mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. There’s ALWAYS going to be the kid’s baseball practices and whatever other myriad of activities that a lot of us seem to have babysitting our kids these days. Let them miss a darn game or practice or piano recital or whatever. As much as we can hope that we’ll have a cycle of season after season of these kinds of epic ski and snowboarding conditions, they’ve been rare. If you call yourself a snow lover and you haven’t made it to the snowier climbs of the region – then all I can say is that some of you guys are ski bum wannabes and I have some advice for you.

Get up from your computer right now; go to the nearest mirror and repeat these words – "I really do deserve to go and play in the snow. I really really want to go take part in the snowiest season in a long, long time. I’m going to kidnap the kids in support of or against their will and get to the slopes!"

If that doesn’t seem to sink in, give yourself a hard slap and repeat those words again. Maybe add in something like, "There’s been up to TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY INCHES OF SNOWFALL this season and there’s FORTY INCHES OF NATURAL SNOWPACK ON THE GROUND RIGHT NOW (that’s in Snowshoe, Canaan and Timberline right now!) and I have the need to go ride it!"

If THAT doesn’t make it happen for you, then go and watch the latest skier video that is on our front page. That video was sent in by Snowshoe Mountain’s Ed Schneider more than a WEEK AGO. Since then they’ve had two feet MORE OF SNOWFALL!

If that doesn’t get your juices flowing and give you the Joneses to get on the slopes then you’re a liar and the truth isn’t in you. You’re faking a love for the mountains. THERE, I said it.


WE’LL GIVE YOU A FREE LIFT PASS FOR SUNDAY, MARCH 7th, A FREE SKI PARTY with some live entertainment, and as added incentive we’ll knock $100 OFF any two night stay at Snowshoe Mountain for next weekend!

Okay, we’re really not doing any of the above – SNOWSHOE IS. They’re doing that JUST because you’re a friend of mine…or this site’s. Need more incentive? Hop over to the invitation page and join the 120 or so of us who are really, really snow loving freaks who will be skiing and riding at Snowshoe next weekend. Snowshoe is now up to 219" of snow on the season with half of it falling in the last 27 days and there’s mounds and piles of snow EVERYWHERE!

Check out this post from Snowshoe’s Laura Parquette this morning, "Please stay on mark trails. Skiing or riding "out of bounds" is dangerous, especially given the deep snow…"

There’s nearly 40" of snow pack (NATURAL SNOW ON THE GROUND) around the entire mountain and the base depth on the slopes is a perfect 55" base of powder and packed powder.

Speaking of snow…

Canaan, Timberline, Snowshoe and Wisp resorts have seen 6-12" of new snow in the last 24 hours, 20" of snow in the last 48 hours, and 23.3" of snow in the last three days.

In case you guys haven’t been keeping a calculator close by that is 112.5" of snow for that areas IN FEBRUARY ALONE!!! They are now at the 219 to 240.6" mark on the season and MORE SNOW IS FALLING over the next few days.


Talia Freeman at Ski Beech wrote me on Thursday to inform me that we helped raise $8010 for the Boarding for Breast Cancer and American Cancer Society at last weekend’s SkiNC / Beech Summit! Thanks again my snow-loving friends!

Make plans to join us at Snowshoe next weekend for the SkiSoutheast / Snowshoe Summit! Check out the details at:  

We’re on day 93 and there are 44 more days of opportunities to enjoy the snow for the 2009-2010 ski and snowboarding season!

That’s it for today. Go enjoy the snow! Check out the Snow Report at  and please send us your favorite ski photos, ski videos, trip reports and comments to [email protected]

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