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I JUST checked the inbox to our skiMail and there were 14,672 emails in there from September 5th (the last time I checked it) through this morning. I know, I know…we’ve got to get better at that! Thankfully we’ve got more people on board now that will be helping with the arduous task of answering a GAZILLION EMAILS now that we’re gearing up for the season. I’ll introduce Sarah and Chip (a little tease) within the week, but suffice for now to say that we’re adding some tweaks to the content delivery system that will make us even better than we’ve ever been at providing you guys with everything you want to know and so much more about the ski and snowboarding scene around the Southeast and Mid Atlantic.

There’s been some push from some sources to add in the PA resorts and we’re considering that. For now we’ll stand pat with talking up the 17 ski areas in the region.

Our staff is now scrambing on new weather content delivery and working with all of our sponsors to provide for an even more productive visitor experience. We’ll be sharing a wealth of "WHAT’S NEW" at the resorts information beginning next week.

In the meantime, I thought you guys would like to see a small sample of some of the emails that we receive daily. Like I said up top…just having some fun.

Mabel in Miami wrote:
Hi, Can you please help me. We were planning to come for Thanksgiving ski vacation but we’re now going to be there October 22-24th. How much snow should be expect? Will driving be a problem? Is snow tubing open?

I’d love to be serious and talk about the fact that Cataloochee was open a couple of Halloweens ago. But THIS WEEKEND???!!! HOW MUCH SNOW SHOULD WE EXPECT? Mabel, have you looked at a map or globe lately? We’re in the Southeast. How much snow should we EXPECT? That would be none. Okay, we HAVE already seen some flurries at the highest elevation of Linville Ridge and up into Snowshoe in West Virginia, but I wouldn’t expect any snow this weekend. Uhmmm, driving could be treacherous on the slippery roads though this weekend — from all the leaves on the road. It IS still peak fall color season you know. Is tubing open? Unless you’re talking about tubing down the Watauga River, then no.

We’ve received letters and emails from all points around the Southeast and Mid Atlantic over the years. We also get a TON of Spanish speaking email requests. Good old Will Mauney was good at speaking a bit of Spanish last year. Will is now headed to Breckinridge this season so he couldn’t handle this one.

Andres G from Bogota Colombia wrote:

"I want to visit a sky center in January with my family (5 years to 43). Anyone have an sky experience. I want to know a good family place to stay during 4 nigths, the best town, mountains for non experts, clothes…and better if this info came in spanish. Somebody say me Boone is the place, but in the web i cant see anything of snow. Really exist snow in Boone?"

Boone hecho recibe una gran cantidad de nieve cada invierno. En tan sólo 20 minutos de Boone, tenemos varias áreas de esquí que el promedio de entre 50 y 80 pulgadas de nieve cada temporada. De acuerdo con ropa, beginnner montañas ambiente y las zonas de esquí – honestamente todos ellos proporcionan principiante terreno, equipos de sk y tiendas de ropa. Si lo deseas, puedes ir en línea a y haga clic en la estación de esquí de tu elección y luego en el enlace planificador de viajes y recomendamos a las tiendas de esquí que llevan todo tipo de guantes, gorros, baberos y ropa que harán de su viaje a la montaña mejor. Tenga en cuenta que dependiendo de cuando usted está viniendo de la temperatura en las elevaciones más altas de Beech Mountain, la montaña de azúcar y Blowing Rock pueden estar por debajo escalofríos cero y el viento son más fríos que eso. Usted querrá estar preparado con buena ropa.

Puesto que usted ha mencionado específicamente Boone, tener en cuenta que no hay zonas de esquí en Boone. También le ofrece una ubicación céntrica a esquiar en las Montañas Apalaches de esquí en Blowing Rock o de Azúcar en Banner Elk, de Haya de esquí que está arriba en Beech Mountain. Haga su elección y tendrá un gran tiempo!

Hope that helped. Okay, okay I’m betting it’s FULL of errors but I simply answered him using Google Babel translator. If I offended you Andres, I apologize in advance.

Thomas M from Davie, Florida wrote:

"Which of your three (Wintergreen Resort/Wisp Resort/Winterplace) top rated snow tubing resorts has the steepest snow tubing slopes?"

(Another few emailers asked about the "top rated" North Carolina snow tubing hills and specifically asked about one promoted as the longest, biggest, best on the East coast.)

First off all, with ALL DUE RESPECT to the North Carolina ski areas, NONE of the NC tubing parks are even close to the length, size and fun that can be seen at the three that Thomas specifically asked about. There’s one promoted in NC as the best, longest, etc and it simply isn’t true. Then again, the best prime rib in Boone isn’t at Bandana’s BBQ. It’s either at The Peddler or Outback. Tide probably doesn’t clean clothes whiter either. However, we’re the ski reporting sheriff around these here parts and actually you can’t go wrong at ANY of the three asked about. I personally love the tubing at Wisp, but Wintergreen and Winterplace are crazy great as well. If you’re visiting the NC mountains then the tubing options at the various ski areas are all good…just not in the same league as those asked about. (If you’re an NC ski area owner.manager or Hawksnest Tubing please don’t give us heck about this…first go visit those mentioned and we think you’ll agree with us.

William Payne of Smyrna, Georgia wrote:

"I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good boot fitter in the Boone/Banner Elk area? It would be a big help. Thank you."

Yes, Geppeddo. Okay that was uncalled for. Actually the best in the Boone/BE area is most likely at Ski Country Sports. They all do a nice job, but these guys have won some awards for it. You couldn’t go wrong at 1st Tracks (owned by Ski Country Sports), Extreme Snowboard and Ski Shop or Alpine Ski Center. All good.

Al J of Galloway, New Jersey wrote:

"Hi, My family and I are planning to move to the High Country when I retire. I particularly like your photo (jpg. 006) in your hiking area of the site. May I use the photo for my screen saver or background?"

No, you can’t. Wait a minute. We have a HIKING area of the website? Where? I couldn’t find one. Okay, in that case Al, go ahead and use it. Funny.

Elissa M of Springfield, VA wrote:

"Hi! I’m a reporter and I write about dogs. I’ve read a lot about something called “skijoring” in which you are pulled on your cross country skis by your dog. Is anyone in Virginia doing this?"

Yes. I think Henry is. I heard Sally is. Actually I Googled that and here’s some people who are. Not sure if it’s Henry and Sally, but…

Click here for some videos

Jennifer E from Ocala, Florida wrote:

"We have never been skiing in NC. I need some info on a great place to stay for approx 6-7 people. It is a surprise for the family. I would prefer ski in/ski out."

Shhhh (whisper) try Sugar Ski & Country Club…or slopeside at Wolf Ridge or Ski Beech. Keep this between you and me, okay?

Randy P of Raymond, MS wrote:

"Can one rent proper ski clothing or do you have to purchas it befor arrival?"

Other guests around you prefer people to be dressed, so yes. (I really answered this guy’s question properly so no misguided emails to me okay, He now knows of every ski shop in the entire Southeast and Mid Atlantic. We take care of our peeps.

Man I had many more to share, but now I’m off to visit with my ten year olds teacher for a parent/conference. It’s not what you think. She’s straight A’s and as good as they come. Good parents go and meet with their teachers once or twice a year. See you tomorrow.

Send your emails, comments, photos and videos to us at [email protected]  or me personally at [email protected]  and we’ll make you famous.

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