SEVEN INCHES of Snow Already at Snowshoe This Morning and More is on the Way!

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It is very cold this morning as we’re monitoring temps in the single digits north and into the low teens in the North Carolina mountains! If there is a ski area in the region that didn’t make snow overnight or isn’t this morning then they simply didn’t need to! We’re taking a tour in a second but we’re thinking that all ski areas are making snow like crazy!

The questions of today are simply put:

1. I heard that it is going to be very cold this weekend. Should we bring extra jackets?

2. We’re not used to the kind of snow that seems to be in your forecast for this weekend. Will we have any trouble getting around?

Let’s answer them in order.

No you don’t need to bring "extra jackets". That will have you or your kids looking like the kid in the old "Christmas Story" movie where he resembled a poster child for the Michelin Tire Man. Putting on more than one coat won’t do anything but make for a miserable time on the slopes. When we speak of "dressing in layers" what we mean is THIN layers. A medium thermal undergarment topped with maybe one or two of the thin Under Armour type shirt, then perhaps your outer coat will do far more to keep you warm than throwing a couple of coats on you.

As cold as it is right now, it will be MUCH COLDER as we get into the MLK Weekend on Friday. If you have a trip planned for this long, holiday weekend then PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make certain that you are prepared with good quality clothing for the trip. It is also a good idea to check those car batteries before you get up here because these kinds of cold temperatures are hard on your body and very hard on your vehicles. There’s also some decent snow in the forecast. If you’re a seasoned pro at skiing these kinds of bitter cold temps then you can skip this part of this morning’s story. However if you only make an occasional ski getaway or trip to the mountains, then you may not be prepared unless you start making plans now!

You’ll want to make sure that you bring good clothing, hats, beanies, hoodies, gloves (good gloves!), and face masks, etc. You will want every part of your body covered if you are skiing on Friday or Saturday as highs will be 10-12° range at Beech Mountain with a lot of the day in the ZERO to single digit range – FOR HIGHS! Lows Thursday and Friday nights will be near or below zero!

If you are headed further north into the Virginias or Maryland then look for colder temps than that as Snowshoe is at 1° this morning and they are forecasting a HIGH on Friday of MINUS 4° and a low of MINUS 8°!

You must be prepared. There is nothing as miserable as being numb while trying to ski or ride. With proper gear, those days will be enjoyable as heck and simply ANOTHER GREAT DAY to be on the slopes.

Pack enough clothes to dress in thin layers. A few thin layers of clothing under your ski coat will make for a great day. If you have or can get ahold of some gloves that allow for a first, thinsulate glove to be put on under your outer glove – then your hands will thank you! Thinsulate is one brand of glove that simply provides a synthetic fiber thermal insulation.

Make sure that you bring a good warm hat. Any kind of knit hat, knit cap, sock cap, stocking cap, toboggan, or boggan will be great. Most ski accessory manufacturers make a nice, thin (but warm) fleece scarf these days and you may like having that wrapped around your neck. Face protection is a must this weekend. Wearing a good face mask or ski mask will prevent frostbite. Throwing a pair of goggles on over that mask will have you enjoying your day on the hill and you’ll wonder why those other people are all crying from the pain of the cold coming our way this weekend!

Pass the word – be prepared!

Note: If you don’t have these kinds of gear, all of the ski areas ski and snowboard shops DO carry everything mentioned and these items are not that expensive. If you needed to purchase all of these items you can pick them all up for about $120 and trust me – that will be well spent money and you’ll have a ball on the slopes!

You’ll be helping you and your family enjoy a great day on the slopes and you’ll energize the economy! YES WE CAN!!!

AS PER QUESTION NUMBER TWO – (About having trouble getting around…)

This is one of those questions that I actually enjoy slightly ribbing people about. Are you not coming to the mountains BECAUSE YOU WANT TO SEE SNOW!?!?!?! That snow will make for a winter wonderland-like experience. If it snows, then the snow will ALSO fall on the roadways and if you don’t have a 4WD vehicle you’ll probably experience a little trouble getting around. Our department of transportation crews do a fantastic job of getting and keeping the roads clear, but when big snows hit, you’ll either have to have a good vehicle with 4WD or chains – OR you’ll just have to sit out the snow (spend the day on the slopes) and give the highway crews time to clear the roads – which can take a half day or so depending on how much snow falls.

Also depending on where your particular lodging is – they may actually post statements that say "4WD vehicles required", etc.

As of this morning’s report, Laura Parquette from up at Snowshoe JUST wrote me that they ALREADY HAVE 7" of new snow (10" in the last 2.5 days) and more snow is falling and on the way! A couple of our weather gurus are saying that the WV Mountains could see as much as 8-9" of snow from today’s snow storm alone AND more snow is in the forecast for Thursday, Friday and more signicant snow (if you can believe that!) for Sunday and into Monday.

SO EMBRACE THE SNOW! BE PREPARED! Park your vehicle and go play in it and relax!


Meteorologist Matthew East has posted his weekend forecast and he is reiterating everything we just told you. It will be COLD. We have more snow in the forecast for tonight and more on Sunday. Be sure to check out his forecast.

Chief Meteorologist and Charlotte’s NewsChannel 36, Brad Panovich is sending us an update that should detail the forecast exclusively for for Ski Beech, Snowshoe Mountain and Cataloochee later today. Check back for that great bit of video!

It’s cold this morning and it’s only getting colder with each day. Snowshoe Mountain is showing 1° this morning, Beech is reporting 13° and those temps will look like a day in the Carribean compared to Friday and Saturday! Those kinds of cold temps will make for some amazing snowmaking ops and that means more slopes will be open and conditions will be phenomenal across the board at all of our regions’s ski areas.

If you have been wavering about coming to the mountains for this holiday weekend – stop your wavering and get your gear and rear up here!

Be sure to check back for Brad’s Weekend Forecast Video! Check the slope report for conditions and slope openings!

Enjoy your day!

Until Next time…

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