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Friday turned out to be a very nice day to be on the slopes…just as we detailed yesterday morning. We had a few people email us that THEY saw Friday as a rainy day. NOW, who’s your daddy?! Just kidding, but it WAS a nice day in the mountains of North Carolina. The mountains of West Virginia actually had a little snow but nothing stuck.

Today (Saturday) will be another decent day to be on the slopes at Sugar Mountain and Appalachian. As we reported yesterday, the main chances for rain today will be late this evening. We may see a surprise bit of misty rain during the day but it is doubtful. Actually it’s very cloudy here this morning, but the skies at Sugar and the higher elevations are showing some beautiful blue skies! Highs today will be in the mid 50s…so take your sunscreen and have a great day.

Sunday still looks wet. We were hoping for a change in the weather that has been saying for a few days that Easter Sunday would be rainy. It STILL looks that way. Highs on Sunday should be in the low 50s. There’s even a chance at a Thunderstorm.

Don’t forget that Appalachian is hosting their MELTDOWN GAMES today and Sunday…and they WILL BE CLOSING FOR THE SEASON Monday at 4:00pm.

Appalachian has plenty of snow for the games with a base in excess of two to three feet. They’ve seen their base depth drop 23" in the last 8 days. It only dropped off the max side since yesterday (don’t know what that’s about) but they do have a LOT of snow for this last weekend of FUN. As mentioned earlier this week we will be at MOM’S for Easter…so if you’re planning to attend the fun at App…get us some photos! (Email address is shown below)

Several people emailed us hinting/hoping/prodding that Sugar Mountain would stay open past Monday. We’re not saying they won’t but it’s doubtful. They are looking at the same forecast that we are. There’s rain (actually Thunderstorms) in the forecast for next weekend and even though they have a LOT of snow…it wouldn’t be a productive move to stay open. We’ll watch together though…and let you know if they DO stay open another day or so. We actually have some photos and reports of a few bare spots showing through at Sugar. They have reported a drop in base depth of 26" in the last 7 days…but conditions up there are GREAT for this late in the season and Sugar does a great job of pushing snow around. Conditions will be MARVELOUS for skiing and riding today. (We focused the Extreme Cam at the face today and you can see for yourself!)

The camera at the top of Sugar has a small glitch…HUMAN FAILURE…someone flipped the switch off! We’ve notified the management up at Sugar Ski & Country Club to go out there and flip it back on. Hopefully we’ll get that view back later today.

By the way…Sugar and Appalachian are BOTH NIGHT SKIING tonight as well.

Massanutten and Wintergreen Resorts in Virginia are looking nice. Both are open for DAY SKIING ONLY today. Both are in great shape for photos we’ve received, but we have to rag on them a bit, because unlike our North Carolina reports which are showing substantial base depth drops, Mass has only reported a 2" drop in the maximum base in the last 9 days, and evidently snow doesn’t melt up at Wintergreen because they have showed NO drop whatsoever in 9 days.

Canaan Valley in West Virginia must be sharing snow melt (or lack thereof) secrets with Wintergreen because Canaan has seen only ONE INCH of base depth deterioration in the last 15 days. (Tongue in cheek here.)

Snowshoe Mountain is looking quite nice. They still have lots of snow (52 – 72") and YES they have been showing some substantial drop in base depth. Over the last 7 days they have dropped 16" of base. 69" of snow in early March and cold temps (it was 28 degrees night before last) have helped to maintain a great look up there. They do have some rain in the forecast Sunday and Monday (maybe a little today) but they have plenty to make it til April 10th when they plan to close.

Timberline Resort is another place that needs to share their secrets with the rest of the resorts, because they too have seen NO snow melt in TEN DAYS. Wow! (The tongue is BACK in the cheek again.) Conditions are quite nice at Timberline and we’ve gotten some pretty nice photos from up there lately.

Winterplace Report is still showing some good depth as well. They are reporting 52 – 60" and they HAVE shown a drop of one foot of base in the last two days…

We’ve shared a lot of the planned activities at the various resorts over the last few days so check the archives if you’re heading up to your favororite ski area.


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