Rainy Days and Mondays Don’t HAVE to Get You Down; There’s Still SEVEN Ski Resort Open Today!

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I’ve been getting some really odd emails from you guys lately – and more of them. That’s great. Keep them coming and I’ll always answer them personally and we will share yours here when appropriate or if it proves helpful to others.

2016-dec-11-skimailOne of the odd ones that came yesterday was from Eli (not sharing his last name because I could not get his approval to use it) and he wrote, “Hey Mike, my girlfriend and I have followed you for years and we’ve always gotten the impression from many of your stories that you’re a guy who shares his religeous beliefs. She and I were talking yesterday and wondered how you square all these businesses being open and working on Sundays. I’m not judging, just wondering. Keep up the great work with the webpage tho’.”

I told you guys this was an odd one.

Eli – I’ve emailed you separately with my take on that question – for what it is worth. Also for someone who takes their religion seriously – you misspelled “religion”. However, my public answer is this one that I’ve shared on occasion from Fridtjof Nansen, a Norwegian explorer, who wrote:

It is better to go skiing and think of God,
Than to go to church and think of sport.

I’ll leave it at that.

Random thoughts on this Rainy Day…

David McCue posted a nice story about COLD TEMPS and it is well-times since we have more on the way. Check it out at: David’s Latest

While on the subject of weather…

For MOST of our mountain communities – we’ll see a rainy Monday and then some light drizzle on Tuesday. Things will get SHARPLY COLDER Wednesday through the weekend with some chances at SNOW. More importantly the snowmaking crews will work around-the-clock again from Tuesday night through sometime on Saturday and that will make for even MORE slopes and trails open for this weekend! We could see our FIRST MINUS DEGREE temperature at Snowshoe’s 4848′ elevations on Thursday night when temps are forecast to dip to ZERO or minus 1°!

Most of the higher elevations like Beech Mountain, Sugar and others should see low to mid teens or colder.

We could see this current rain changeover to SNOW up around Snowshoe, Canaan and Timberline resorts this afternoon.

2016-dec-12-resortcamsBe sure to watch the LIVE CAMS to see when it snows…if it snows. We have great camera locations on the slopes and around the region.

New Canaan Valley Resort Camera Coming…

We’ve received more than a few inquiries as to when the Canaan camera will be back online. Murphy’s Law dictates that these kinds of things happen at the worst possible time. However after some exploring, we’re pronouncing that the camera up there as dead…or close to it. So, we have a new one on the way. Canaan Valley Resort GM, Steve Drumheller buzzed me this morning and we’re working to get a new one there as early as Friday, Saturday.

We’re First to Know, so YOU’LL be among the First to Know…

Kate Barido, the Director of Sales & Marketing at Ober Gatlinburg, Inc. emailed us, “Andddddd…..YOU are hearing it first, before the press release:  we will open the slopes on Friday the 16th.  🙂  And the tram is A-OK to open Monday morning.”

That IS awesome news. Ober Gatlinburg will be operating for skiing, tubing, ice skating and more on Friday, December 16th! Also it was awesome to hear that the aerial tram was pronouced “good-to-go” and is probably already running by the time you guys read this.

You can read the full Press Release by Clicking Here: Ober Gatlinburg Opens Friday

Ober Gatlinburg should be looking GREAT this weekend! Click to Enlarge Image!
Ober Gatlinburg should be looking GREAT this weekend! Click to Enlarge Image!


Let’s do the tour that way today. Check the SNOW REPORT for all details such as temperatures and other notes.

Appalachian Ski Mountain, Beech Mountain Resort, Bryce Resort, Canaan Valley Resort, Cataloochee Ski Area, Sugar Mountain Resort, and Snowshoe Mountain Resort are the SEVEN ski areas operating for skiing and snowboarding today.

Here are the number of trails open per resort:

Appalachian Ski Mountain – 9|
Beech Mountain Resort – 6
Bryce Resort – 4
Canaan Valley Resort – 10
Cataloochee Ski Area – 9
Sugar Mountain Resort –  7
Snowshoe Mountain Resort – 11

Other notables….

Winterplace Resort – The snowmakers have made a lot of white whales and now the groomers are preparing the slopes for your enjoyment beginning on Tuesday, December 13th when Winterplace will open for the 2016/2017 season.

2016-dec-12-high-country-weatherWe’re hopping this morning and will update things further as we get announcements and any weather content. Until then…email us your non-religeous questions (couldn’t help myself) at: [email protected] and visit www.ResortCams.com and www.HighCountryWeather.com all of the input you need to make great ski vacation getaway plans.

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