POWDER CONDITIONS and Lots of Snow Everywhere!

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Can you guys say POWDER! Is there ANYTHING sweeter looking in nature than un-tracked snow in the morning?!?! We’re seeing those kinds of images via all of the LIVE WEBCAM STREAMS.

Looking around the area – it is STILL showing some WHITE OUT conditions across some of the region.

Some areas are reporting 20″-28″ of natural snow in just the last 24 hours or so and 8-12″ more is forecast. The Virginia resorts had seen anywhere from 0-3″ of snow on the season thus far so this massive storm has pushed their season tallies to now impressive numbers that almost match their AVERAGE snow per season!

As crazy as it sounds, more than one ski area posted their snow report this morning without even MENTIONING the natural snowfall! Regardless, we’re here for you (and them) and we’ve found and posted all of the numbers.

The “big winners” in this 2-3 day storm has been Snowshoe Mountain with 28″ in the last 24 hours, 33″ in the last 48 hours and now 57″ on the season. Wintergreen’s 22″ stands out as well. You can scroll and read the detailed news below for all of the snow totals, etc. Bear in mind that some ski areas don’t detail 24 hour snow and they’ve grouped the total snow into a one day total. Since we archive daily snow, we’ve cleared it up for you guys.

Wisp Photo shared on Instagram
Wisp Photo shared on Instagram. Click to enlarge

The bottom line is that Winter Storm Jonas has left anywhere from 6″-28″ of snow across the region thus far and while the North Carolina ski resorts should see another 1-3″ of snow Saturday…the heavier snow should add another 4-8″ of snow across the West Virginia ski areas and into Wisp Resort in Maryland.

Forecasters had predicted near 20″ of snow for the NC ski resorts, but many of the ski areas were “dry slotted” and simply fell WAY short of getting the snows that everyone was forecasting. Up until around 4pm on Friday…Sugar and Beech might have seen 4-5″ of snow…but then we started seeing heavier snow later in the evening. Another 2-3″ of snow fell last night giving Sugar and Beech around one foot of snow from the 48-hour-plus snow storm.

Check out the Omni Homestead camera and look at those tables in the view as well as how hard it is snowing at 8am this morning! Ditto the heavy snow at Winterplace Resort.

Our buddy, Shawn Cassell up at Snowshoe posted,

“So far Jonas has delivered 28 inches of powder and it is still dumping out there! That’s over 2 feet of powder everywhere! If you’re heading over to the Western Territory, make sure your avalanche beacon is in working order! 😉 (Just Kidding)”

It’s really bombing snow up that way this morning. That reminds me to advise you guys to check ahead for ANY of the resorts per openings as some areas closed for night skiing at the last moment last night. We know that Wisp is delaying their opening this morning, and you could see a few resorts NOT OPEN for night sessions tonight due to difficult travel conditions, etc.



With from one to more than two feet of snowfall…we’re seeing record numbers of visitors hitting our combined ski network of weather content and our primary websites of SkiSoutheast.com and ResortCams.com. We’ve received some reports of the website being slow. That is indicative of the flood of traffic that we are seeing due to this big snow event and all of the television media sharing our LIVE CAMS and pushing record numbers of visitors to the website.

I heard from Joe Stevens this morning and he was manning the phones and talking with media around the region and Joe does an awesome job of “talking us up”. As I mentioned during our LIVE BROADCASTS from Sugar and Beech on Friday…we’ve heard from many media outlets who have shared our content and retweeted our LIVE FEED announcements, etc.

Here is the “glitch-free” Beech Live Broadcast from Friday:

Those all made for over 400,000 views yesterday and 39.7% of those views were from first-time visitors.

Thanks to all of you who visited and we hope that you’ll pass the word that for all things snow in the Southeast and mid-Atlantic – visit SkiSoutheast.com and our “sister website” of ResortCams.com.

Bear in mind that you can watch ALL of our latest videos at:




As I mentioned earlier and within today’s tour (below) it is STILL snowing and anywhere from 3-8″ more snow is in the forecast for today. While the snow totals compiled from the 24-48 hour snows are higher…I thought it was interesting looking at the CoCoRaS report totals from JUST the last 24 hours.

NC Totals:
Appalachian Ski Mountain – 9″
Beech and Sugar: 6.4″
Maggie Valley – 4.2″

VA Totals:
Winchester, VA – 22″
McLean – 17″
Falls Church – 16.8″
Bryce Resort – 18″
Massanutten – 22″
Wintergreen – 22″

WV Totals:
Canaan Valley – 24″
Snowshoe – 28″
Winterplace – 15″

Wisp Resort – 20″

The snow as of 10:20am is very light here at my home. We’re seeing light-to-moderate snow atop Beech with 1-3″ more expected today. It is STILL SNOWING HARD in portions of Virginia and particularly in West Virginia.



A look at Snowshoe before anyone was on it today. click to enlarge
A look at Snowshoe before anyone was on it today. click to enlarge

Snowshoe Mountain Resort – 10° – 28″ of snow in the last 24 hours, 33″ in 48 hours and 57″ on the season. 179 acres of skiable terrain open. That’s 46 trails open with Silvercreek open for night sessions. Snowmobiling, tubing, terrain parks are all open and it’s still dumping snow this morning!

Canaan Valley Resort – 10° – 24″ of snow in the last 24 hours. 46.6″ on the season.


Canaan is reporting that ALL 47 trails are now open and if their report is correct they are open for day sessions only. 30KM of cross country trails are open and tubing and ice skating is open as well. POWDER!

Lenora Testerman posted that guests need to try the new glade ski trails, open for the first time this season!

Timberline Resort – 10° – 24″ of snow in the last 24 hours and 46″ on the season.

Timberline is also reporting 17KM of backcountry/cross country trails open.

Timberline is open for night skiing and snowboarding as well.

Winterplace Resort – 15° – 15″ of new snow and 22″ on the season. Winterplace is receiving heavy snow as of 8am this morning and that means POWDER conditions on ALL 27 trails and snow tubing today. Night sessions open as well.

Wisp Resort – 10° – 20″ of new snow and 39″ on the season. They have posted that due to difficult travel conditions they are delaying their opening today but they will have 31 trails, snow tubing, ice skating. You could see day sessions only at Wisp so check ahead if you’re thinking about night skiing and snowboarding.

Massanutten Resort – 14° – It’s snowing so hard there this morning that Steve Showalter, Kenny Hess and their crew don’t know what to report. They are reporting:

20-24″ new snow and snowing heavily, 5-9″ additional expected today. Massanutten Drive is currently limited to 4 WD at this time. Check our Facebook page for road updates. Upper mtn trails were groomed at closing last night. Powder Day!

We’re seeing official reports of 22″ of snow there and that’s what we’ll go with. Massanutten is 100% open with all 14 trails, snow tubing, terrain parks and more. …and it’s STILL SNOWING!!!

Wintergreen Resort – 7° – They have not posted an official snow total this morning, but we’re seeing reports of 22″ close by. We’ll go with that until we hear from Betsy and their team. They will have 24 of 25 trails open and although they are scheduled for night sessions, we’d advise calling ahead as the storm is still dumping there. Snow tubing and terrain parks are open.

They have this message posted: Urgent Message: Guests traveling in 2-wheel drive vehicles should not attempt to reach or leave the resort during the storm. While our roads may still be passable, the state road leading up to the resort entrance is often not passable except with 4-wheel drive. Once the storm clears roads are quickly opened. Heavy snowfall and high winds make drifting snow on roads very difficult to clear. Road conditions will improve as the storm subsides.

Bryce Resort – 20° – 18″ of new snow thus far and 8-12″ more in the forecast. I had the pleasure of speaking with owner, Horst Locher this morning and you could hear the joy in his voice as we talked about the conditions. Bryce is 100% open with snow tubing as well.

Omni Homestead Resort – NO REPORT this morning but they operated with 7 of 9 trails yesterday. Heavy snow is falling as mentioned earlier.

Ober Gatlinburg – 16° – 3″ of new snow and 6″ on the season. They’ve got 8 of 10 trails open and all are groomed except Mogul Ridge. They are open with tubing, ice skating and there are several other activities happening on the mountain, including their new Ski Mountain Coaster, scenic chairlift, alpine slide, and indoor ice skating, just to name a few. Add in some great shopping and dining, and you’ve got a full day of fun at Ober Gatlinburg.

Beech Mountain Resort – 5° – The coldest spot in the region this morning and reporting 6.4″ of new snow in the last 24 hours and 11.9″ from the storm. That’s 20.9″ on the season. Beech has 14 of 15 trails open. That’s everything except for THE OZ RUN. Snow tubing and ice skating are open as well as their awesome village that sets Beech apart from the other NC ski areas.

Appalachian Ski Mountain – 14° – 9″ of new snow and 13″ on the season. They are 100% open with powder and groomed conditions for day and night sessions right up until midnight tonight. Ice skating and terrain parks all operating as well.

Jan 24
Registration 9:30-11 / Event starts at Noon

The second event of ATP’s SFTC Series, the GNU/Libtech Big Air is scheduled for Sunday, January 24!

Snowmaking and frigid temps this week will allow additional snow to be made for the setup in Appal Jam. Weather forecast shows seasonal temps and blue skies for the Big Air!

Registration will be held in the Alpine Ski Shop (Lower level of Lodge) from 9-11:00am. A warm up session will be available for competitors from 10:30 – 11:30 with a rider meeting at 11:45. The event is scheduled to begin at 12 Noon.

Free Event Spectator tickets are available at registration and at the main office for and are required for slope access to watch the event without ski/snowboard equipment.

The Shred for the Cup series has become the benchmark Park competition series in the region, with 3 events held throughout the winter that test Skiers & Snowboarders skills in several park disciplines (Rail Jam, Big Air, & Slopestyle). As always, the Series has categories for all skill levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) of both Skiers & Snowboarders, as well as a dedicated women’s category in both Ski & Board.

Wolf Ridge Resort – 14° – 6″ of new snow, 11″ from this storm and now 19″ on the season. Wolf is 100% OPEN with 15 trails, snow tubing, terrain parks and more.

Sugar Mountain Resort – 8° – 6″ of new snow and 13″ from the storm total and 21.1″ on the season. Sugar is nearly 100% open with 20 of 21 trails open with snow tubing and ice skating as well. If you tally up Sugar’s daily reporting of snowfall for each of the last four mornings (3″, 1″, 8″ and 6″) you’d have 18″ of snow that has fallen in the last four days.  To their credit, they are now reporting 13″ total from the storm which is closer to the official snow report from atop Sugar Mountain at The Reserve where they are reporting 11.9″.

I can tell you that the powder conditions on Gunther’s Way yesterday was a workout for me personally. That slope is perhaps the best in the region now and you have to hit it to appreciate it. I think I’d like it more with groomed corduroy and the transitions in the white out conditions for me on Friday were challenging.

Another 1-3″ of snow could fall at Sugar and Beech today.

Cataloochee Ski Area – 12.8° – 12″ of new snow and 17″ on the season. They are 100% open with all 18 trails AND THE MEADOWS is open! Call ahead about night sessions…but we think they will be open with that and tubing as well.

Sapphire Valley Ski Area – 19° and they are reporting 14.4″ of natural snow. That makes 14.6″ of snow on the season. Sapphire was CLOSED on Friday due to the storm AND as of 9:30am they were still awaiting a decision about opening today. Call ahead. If they ARE open it will be with both trails and snow tubing.

Liberty Snowflex – While they are OPEN YEAR ROUND…they are closed today due to road conditions.


That’s it for today my friends. Enjoy the snow and enjoy your day!



Until next time…

Enjoy your day and THINK SNOW! THINK COLD! Email me anytime and about anything at: [email protected]


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