Perfect Conditions and Snow is Still Falling Across North Carolina Ski Areas!

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Let’s face it ALL ski areas in the Southeast are boasting the best conditions of the season RIGHT now and there is no question that TODAY may just be the best single day of the season at many of the ski areas.  For today, we’re just going to leave with storm totals and trails open and take your pick of where to ski!  In addition to providing you guys with the storm totals, don’t forget that you can click on ANY resort in the right column of the front page and get to the special page that we have created for each resort to find out how much snow they’ve each received on the season as well as lodging recommendations and more.

We’re going to be up a Ski Beech doing a little product evaluation for this morning!  If you guys or gals are up there look us up.  We have several friends and children from Valle Crucis that will be up with us.  Stop and say “Hi”

Here’s some notes:

Appalachian Ski Mountain is at 17° this morning and has seen 8” of snow from the storm thus far. 100% open!

Cataloochee is at 19° and they have seen a whopping 18” of snow from the storm thus far! That has prompted Cataloochee (for the first time in six years) to open the High Meadow Run!  That is a natural snow area and it will be open for skiing on Monday!  Cataloochee is open for DAY SKIING ONLY today.

Hawksnest Ski Resort is at 12° this morning and they have received 16” of new snow since Friday.  They are open with 11 trails according to their past report.

Sapphire Valley has received about 8” of snow since Friday.  We know they were open this weekend, but you may want to call ahead for today as they may be closed on Mondays.  No report and their phone message reflects yesterday’s conditions.  Call ahead.

Ski Beech is reporting 10° this morning and 16” of new snow since Friday.  That takes Beech to 54” of snow on the season! They still have not pull the covers off of The Oz Run just yet.  We were hoping to see that today, but they must be holding off another day or so.  They are making snow in selected areas and that is ONE of the selected areas! Everything is open except that and today is Ladies Day unless we missed something.

Wolf Laurel is reporting 6” of snow in the last 24 hours and that gives them about a foot of snow since Friday evening. They have 12 trails open today!

We have to ingest a little Sugar today:

Sugar is reporting an AVERAGE maximum base depth of 80” across all 20 trails this morning.  Nope.  Enough said. They have a lot of snow, but they do not have TWICE the amount of average maximum base than Ski Beech and they do not have 25” more than Appalachian. Sorry. (If they want to accept this challenge and invite us over to prove that claim, if we’re wrong we’ll post a retraction.  Didn’t think so.)

Until Next Time!

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