Only DAYS are left in the 2007-2008 Ski Season!

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I am in my "end-of-season, saving-Mike-some-time" mode so you will find the same morning update on both our and websites. (We usually segregate that data all season long.)

Those of us who love Winter tend to start our mornings at the office talking about where we skied and what the conditions were like. The season it was more like, "Where was the best snow?" or "Which resort had what terrain open…"

It has been a season that will go down as the one that probably best defined just how great the Southeast and Mid Atlantic’s snow makers and snowmaking systems are. More about that in another story that we’re posting this morning.

It has been a season wherein we quit talking about "Old Man Winter" or "Mother Nature" mid season because we were simply not going to give "them" anymore free press until they delivered a more normal season of weather! As it turns out, our ploy didn’t work as "Ma Nature" was simply a WITCH all season long. The wicked witch of weather simply didn’t cooperate all that well. Thankfully, our snowmaking crews and continued snowmaking technology enhancements at the resorts of our region made it such that they were able to take advantage of nearly every window of opportunity and keep enough snow on the slopes to make for pretty nice conditions for all of the major Holidays and traditional, high-traffic-inducing, long weekends.

All but a couple of resorts experienced top 5-10 seasons in terms of skier visits and since that is what pays the bills, we should all be ecstatic.

I’M    M-E-L-T-I-N-G!    I’M    M-E-L-T-I-N-G!

Continuing with our "wicked witch" theme…she is probably sinking into a puddle of much needed moisture across the Southeast as we’re seeing some rain this weekend – INSTEAD of the previously promised sunny skies for this, the closing weekend of activities at all but one Southeast and Mid Atlantic ski area.

The forecast into the WV and Maryland resorts a faring a bit better with sunny skies today after early morning temps in the low to mid 20s! There’s a 40% chance of rain on Sunday.

The North Carolina mountains are looking more condusive for REALLY providing some ponds for the pond skimming activities at Appalachian Ski Mountain.

On Friday forcasters were saying that Saturday and Sunday would be sunny in the mountains of North Carolina, but it looks like we may only see a bit of the sun later in the day as the NWS is forecasting a 90% chance of rain today (with thunderstorms) and a 60% chance of rain tonight. There’s even a 70% chance of rain for Sunday.

Regardless, there is certain to be a lot of fun to be shared – rain or sun – at the festivities that are taking place all across the region.

Go join in the fun and if it’s sunny where you are – GREAT. If it’s raining, celebrate the needed rainfall. (Hopefully Watauga Lake is filling to the brim for the upcoming boating season!)

Go Enjoy the Day!

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