One More Day and Winter Sticks Around for a While!

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The weather is the big newsmaker for this morning. Actually it’s been the big newsmaker for the last month as mild weather and a crazy winter pattern was on everybody’s mind. The big news today is that once we get past today’s bit of Springlike weather, we are in for some VERY COLD and SNOWY days over the next ten days or more.  Today will be in the 50s with clearing skies and then as the cold approaches we will see some scattered light rain overnight Friday night into Saturday morning and that will then change to snow.  Then we will see snow on Saturday, Sunday and late into Monday.  After that we will see a couple of sunny days and then MORE SNOW into next Friday and Saturday.  The BEST part is that temps will remain in the 30s to low 40s (colder than normal highs) and the overnight lows from Saturday and ten days ahead will be in the teens and low 20s (colder than normal).

Most forecasters are saying that we’ll see 2-4” of snow this weekend and somewhat higher amounts in some areas, and meteorologist Brad Panovich is saying that things are in place to generate some substantial snow depths spread out over the next week or so.  He’s actually saying, “…don’t be surprised if we don’t see some 12-15” of snow spread out over the next several days.”

That will be cool – However even better news is that we will see snowmaking weather for the resort’s talented snowmakers that will make for what will probably be the best slope conditions of the season! We’ll have to keep a tight leash on these guys as they get tempted to skyrocket the base depths. Maybe we’ll get out and drive some rulers in the ground! You know I really should stop saying that here in North Carolina because our guys have done a great job this year of keeping things REAL.  The resorts further north could learn a lesson from our resort crews!

Anyway, I’ll be up at Hawksnest this morning taking some photos and spending time with the middle school classes from Valle Crucis as they spend the day on the slopes.  I wish I had that kind of school when I was growing up!

Some of the resorts showed a drop in base overnight as some light rain fell – kudos to Sugar Mountain, Cataloochee, Bryce (these guys have been great lately), Snowshoe, Winterplace, Timberline and Ober Gatlinburg.  The rest of you guys – come on…a little drop was in order, don’t you think.  Come on Lori, get on your mountain ops guys (you know who you are!)

See you on the slopes this weekend as Winter Returns!

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