On Snow Reports from Thursday –

First Trax

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Dylan Chase was at Appalachian – "I boarded at App again today! The holiday crowds have definitely arrived. The warm weather has created some soft snow. There was a 5-7 minute wait in the lift lines, which is not that much of a wait compared to some resorts & especially with the number of people out there. Here are some pictures from today. I really like the second one – the kid looks like he is praying – maybe that he learns to board better, maybe for snow, maybe for a cooler hat for next Christmas." (Photos will be in the photo archives later today.)

Les Cline was also at Appalachian – "Decided to head up to Appalachian early this morning to hopefully beat the holiday crowds. I was really surprised how many people were already out. The downstairs area was really crowded but they hadn’t had time to get out on the slopes. The weather couldn’t decide if the sun would shine or stay a little cloudy, but later on the sun shone through. The lift attendants kept things moving along, but you sure could tell there were plenty of people out. The snow was a little on the slushy side due to the warmer weather, but was still real good. Hopefully the colder air will return and firm things up a bit. Around lunchtime I decided to hang it up and head back to the house."

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