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Barry Donaldson was at Sugar Saturday and Sunday and we’ll report again this afternoon – First…it was great to ski Sugar again and the conditions could not have been much better on Saturday. It was crowded as heck and the lift lines were a little long and seemed to take forever to get on and back on the slopes, but once ON the slopes it was great. Plenty of snow and plenty of fun! Sunday was wet and sloppy. That did cut down on the crowds a little and all in all it was a good day.

A Morning Note to SkiNC and it’s viewers – I don’t know if you’ll post this, but we got up first thing this morning to more wet conditions and were trying to decide on whether or not to ski at all…or ski Sugar or ride up to Beech. We logged onto your site, clicked over to Sugar’s website and they are saying "We will have cloudy skies today with high temperatures in the mid 40’s." — and we did the same for Ski Beech and they are saying, "The temperature at 6:41 AM was 36 and cloudy. The forecast is for rain with the temperature in the forties today."

I’m betting that this is some of the same "truth in reporting" that you guys have been staying on the resorts about. Due to the rain, we were THINKING of skipping the slopes and hitting the road, but for the record, we decided to skip Sugar, and ride up to Ski Beech and reward their honesty with our business. Okay, we’re also going because it’s ladies day and there might be some babes! Watch for us on the webcam! Keep up the great job you’re doing SkiNC!"

Editor’s Note: – YOU KNOW WE WILL!

Jeremy Dickerson was at Hawksnest – "We rode hawksnest Friday, Saturday and Sunday… what a wounderful trip! Friday was windy, icy and cold (because of the wind) and Hawksnest was making snow…we hung in there though and rode through the night… woke up early Saturday and were the first people on the slopes…. conditions were the same as the night before… windy….and icy however it wasnt cold enough for the blowers so that was as always a plus…the slopes were almost completly ice but we managed to have a great time anyways.

As always I want to thank Hawksnest for the great job they do with their park.The people at Hawksnest are extremely freindly as well. Thanks so much for a great weekend!…. we got up early Sunday and again were one of the first to hit the slopes! Conditions had improved only because it was so warm most of the ice had melted. So Sunday was slushy and then the rain came leaving almost no one in sight. Its always amazing to have the slopes to yourself! We did however cut the day short after being completly soaked and after several bad falls! Still we had a great weekend and can’t wait till next! Thanks SKINC keep up the great work."

Editor’s Note: – We received a fair number of Hawksnest reports this weekend and they all included the fact that Hawksnest was very icy from top to bottom. Hopefully they will take some opportunities to groom, groom and groom some more this week.

Joe Harmon was at Appalachian – "I don’t totally agree with best conditions of the season, as I have seen better at App this season. However Saturday was a great day out there. The crowd was out in full force and the snow was very soft except in one spot on the mtn. It got a tad wet towards the end of the day. However at night it was nice and firm, and super fast. Sunday can be summed up in one word WET. It was raining out there, and the snow was really wet. It was not super slow, but it was not something I would run up to the mtns to board on. I’m sure that you all made it out somewhere this weekend, and im sure you all had a great time as well. Well until next time yall have good ones."

Patrick Koskan was Sugar AND Ski Beech this weekend – "Drove up from West Palm Beach, FL Thursday after seeing Brad’s forecasts earlier in the week and soon found he was dead on! Blustery, winter conditions Thursday afternoon and evening made for great pics, but seriously cold at Sugar Thursday night. Snow conditions were very good, though most of the snowmaking was being blown off the mountain. Windy as all heck.

Friday was awesome! About 5 inches of new snow at Sugar made for a beautiful ride all day, albeit windy, and the mountain views were a spectacular winter wonderland. Friday afternoon, it started snowing hard again and made a great day better.

Saturday we were at Beech to escape the crowds and the snow was absolutely perfect. Packed powder conditions all over the mountain, beautiful temps, and not a cloud in the sky. Wow!

Thanks to your website, I was able to judge the ski and weather conditions for more than a month in order to pick the perfect weekend, and to Brad’s and your credit, your forecasts were right on the money. What a great service you provide to help make a great family ski weekend successful. Thank you for all you do!"

Editor’s Note: – Thanks for the great compliments too…. 🙂

Austin Beeghly was at Cataloochee – "Well, today was an interesting day for skiing. It was a rainy, cloudy, and overall wet day. Under the bad weather, the conditions were not that bad. The crowds were very light and the rain was light as well. Skiing in and out of clouds all day today was like skiing in a mystic wonderland. There was some ice on the slopes but overall the conditions were not bad. The top of mountain to the bottom was looking incredible. But overall it was a great day, but the weather had it’s effects on the snow as it began to look a little slushy. But regardless, there was plenty of snow on the ground and plenty to ski on."

Adam Henderson was at Wolf Laurel – "We skied at Wolf Laurel on Saturday and the conditions were pretty good. It started off a little rough in the morning (ice balls) but after some traffic the conditions got better. It was a little icy in places, but we had a lot of fun. It was a beautiful day."

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