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Jeremy Dickerson was at Hawksnest on Sunday – "We got up at the usual 4 oclock this morning and made the 4 hour trip up to hawksnest like we do every sunday, only this sunday was a little different…. we woke up to rain here in columbia and drove in all the way up to the mtn.. when we finally got there its magically stopped.. we had first chair as usual as is tradition ( get there an hour early for some reason that i’m still not sure of) . The snow was much better than last week. all trails were open and the only thing closed was the last rail in the park. Again i have to brag about how great a job Hawksnest does with customer service and keeping up such an amazing park! our day ended short again this weekend due to a broken board ( never seen anything like it!) as always we had a great day and cant wait for the next week to be over with so we can come back! thanks SKINC for all you do… till next week."

Adam Henderson was at Wolf Laurel – "We skied at Wolf Laurel on Saturday. It started out a little icy Saturday morning especially on Powder Hill and Upper Streak, but after a little skier traffic conditions got a little better. It was one of the busiest days that I’ve seen this year at Wolf Laurel. It seemed to be as busy as Martin Luther King weekend. It was a beautiful day for skiing."

Cindi S. was at Sugar Mountain – "Yes it was wet, but not so much that it kept people from having a great day on the slopes. I was here Saturday as well and Saturday’s crowds were much heavier than Sunday’s but conditions stayed pretty consistent."

The Questions of the Day are next!

Paul Darst of Tallahassee, FL askes, "What is your opinion on the number of weekends we have left for skiing in North Carolina?"

The Answer? Five…maybe SIX. Bear in mind that ALL resorts won’t stay open that long…however, if the weather holds, there WILL be skiing in North Carolina for the next five to six weeks.

Another question that we get a lot…and for some reason lately — This one comes from someone who identified themselves as "mccullough" from Mt Airy, GA. They asked, "Please let me know where there are actual groomed trails for cross country skiing in Western North Carolina or Tennessee border."

There’s been very little in the way of cross country skiing this winter in North Carolina…and even when we have deep snows you won’t find groomed trails. There is ONE outfitter who has acquired the rights to some land up on Beech Mountain behind Emerald Mountain. You can contactt Mike and Casey Myers at Lost Cove Trekking. We have a link to them on the cross country pages of our website. As we understand it, Mike grooms some of the trails during some of the better snowfalls.

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