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Conditions are better today than at any point this season all across the Southeast. More slopes and trails are open, base depths are growing deeper and deeper and this should be a beautiful week of skiing and riding at your favorite resort.

SkiNC introduces a NEW Surface Term We’ve always been on the leading edge of giving our visitors the most accurate report of what the conditions are really like. A lot of resort report the surface conditions as "Packed Powder" and we’ve received thousands of emails over the years from confused visitors. Packed Powder is generally the term used nationwide as packed "REAL SNOW"…not our manmade variety. So beginning on Tuesday we will be referring to a new term "MMP" which is short for Manmade Powder. After natural snowfalls we’ll certainly show conditions as Powder…and that should serve to keep things a little less confusing.

All Ski Areas Are Looking Great! All ski areas have made a ton of snow over the last few days and will continue to today and as long as temps allow. They are in the best shape of the season with more slopes and trails open than at any time.

Want to Come along on a VIRTUAL SKI TRIP? Visit SkiSoutheast.com to keep up with the daily activities of a typical ski trip. A lot of our visitors have never been on a ski trip and ask us just what there is to do, etc. We thought this would be a good way to answer those questions.

Carolyn Walker – We got our snow! You know who you are! You were wanting to see some snow…and we arrived on Day One of our trip with 3" overnight! Visit SkiSoutheast.com for Day One activities!

SkiSoutheast.com Ski Trip I will be reporting remotely this week from beautiful Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia. We could not have started our trip off any better. We were not here ten minutes when it started snowing. I tell you everytime I show up at the place it’s snowing! They need me on the payroll. We’ll be getting all of your updates here and at my computer in good old Banner Elk so keep the flow of reports and photos coming.

The new "Highlands Express" high speed 6-person chairlift is OPEN! Tose of you that love that mountain will certainly love this new addition!

Since we’re ON this trip, I thought that it might be kind of interesting for those of you who have not yet MADE your first ski trip…to follow along on ours. So with that in mind, I’ll be either entertaining the heck out of some of you…and maybe boring others to tears. I’m sure you guys will let us know.

Day One – Sunday – Checking in on this BUSY Sunday, just after Christmas and during THE busiest week of the season was going to be a time consuming one. The bottom checkin area AND the Top of World Checkin were BOTH overrun with people at the time of our arrival. It was about 6pm when we arrived so we could not have chosen a worse time to get in. We were outside the door at The Top of World and it was COLD. Temps were in the 16 degree range and as I said before, it began snowing ten minutes later. About 20 minutes later we had moved about four feet in line and people were telling us that we might be in line two hours. Well running this website DOES have it’s perks! I was on my way to a guest phone to see if there were alternative places to check in, when I ran into a newfound friend of mine, who knew who I was and he quickly check us in. (I know, I know…you guys will give me grief, but I didn’t ASK for special treatment…but I sure as heck wasn’t going to turn it down.

Anyway we unpacked the cars at the Brigham Center checkin and took the tunnel to our accommodations. Let me go on record that THE HIGHLAND HOUSE is one NICE place to lodge. They have everything to make your stay almost as comfortable as home and they are RIGHT in the Village of Snowshoe and the slopes. Also if you stay there you’ll love the convenience of being 10 seconds from Cheat Mountain Pizza, a 20 second walk to Foxfire Grill and maybe a one minute walk to The Junction Restaurant and the Mountain Adventure Center.

After hanging out with family and friends for the evening, we turned in so yours truly could file this report and get finished updating the ski report early enough this morning to do FIRST TRACKS.

Day Two…coming later today!

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