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David Muller was at Appalachian on Thursday – "It was pretty nice our today at Appalachian and it’s always great riding with no lift lines to speak of. The conditions were really nice. Appalachian had made some snow and that made for really good conditions out. I’ll be back on Saturday and will report again."

Denise Blevins was at Cataloochee – "I really like skiing here at Cataloochee. It’s a short enough drive up from just north of Atlanta and offers a great range of skiable terrain from top to bottom. They had great side to side coverage, plenty of good snow and light crowds. It was one of the better days that I skied this season!"

Terrell Sweat was at Sugar Mountain – "Sugar had just groomed when I hit the hill and hitting that fresh cordouroy was the best turns I’ve had all year! There were some icy areas up top on I think Switchback but all in all it was a fabulous day to be out. The winds made it colder than I was prepared for with clothing but it was nice!"

Mark (sorry no last name) was at Winterplace Resort – "I opted out of the free day at Beech willingly this time unlike last week when I couldn’t get up the mountain. I went to Winterplace because 1) I really wanted to ride a park 2) I have not been to Winterplace in a long time and 3) It was only $13 with a student rate and half off with VIC card. I know I am always talking about the parks, but I am really not a park rat. I have mostly always just focused on good ol’ riding, and I have really never ridden in any parks much until this year. But since I have really started to feel how much I am lacking in the freestyle area I am trying to catch it up with my regular riding. So, we just had a report on here about Winterplace and their park, their website has said the park was open, but when I got there, around 11:00 after making a wrong turn on the way, the park was closed! Furthermore, the Woods Run trail was closed! I was told by another person who said they actually read the trail report this morning (I only checked it last night) that all was said to be open. I couldn’t find a ski patrol or any employees for the longest time, but finally a board intructor told me that new snow was pushed into the park for maintenence and they would not be able to fix it all until later. The wind was also blowing pretty hard (was in the forcast for everywhere) and the snow was very hard/icy. Now having said that, it got a lot better later on. After deciding it was already too late to make the drive back to Beech, I decided to stick it out. There were flurries throught the day, but no real accumulation, and the frozen snow got loosened up more and more as the day went on, and by the time it started to get dark, the wind died down a lot too. They finally opened up the lower half of the park by dark, and I got some pretty good riding in. I met a few people (and told them to come check out the Hawksnest/App parks) including an older man who was really nice (his daughter said he was 49) and he was getting huge air on the kicker and hanging out in the park. So while I was really mad at first since the main reason I went was to get some park practice in, I ended up having a pretty decent day/night thanks to Winterplaces free night tickets. I didn’t leave til 10:00 when they closed. The tubing run also looked really nice as I am wanting to take my girlfriend tubing and snowboarding someplace for the first time in the near future. I took some pics, but many did not turn out that great. This was my first time using my new camera on the slopes and I have not had time to figure it all out yet."

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