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First Trax

Nancy Blevins was at Snowshoe – "Again, these guys rock. While is wasn’t the best conditions I’ve ever skied in…they DO have snow. We got a little wet at times on Thursday, but all in all the conditions are remarkably good."

Austin Beeghly was at Cataloochee – "Just came off the mountain and boy was it raining. It did get mighty icy and the bare spots are getting worse. As the rain pelted me and my goggles had to much water on them, I decided to call it and see what the PM brings. But have no fear I spoke with management today and they informed me that they are ready to groom and move some snow around and make things look better."

Adam Henderson was at Wolf Laurel last night – "The conditions at Wolf Laurel again tonight were spring like. The snow is still in pretty good shape. The main slope Broadway still seems to have a lot of deep soft snow. The Howling from the top also has lots of snow and a couple of stock piles of snow that could be spread out if needed. The snow on Timber Wolf also is in very good shape. The slope is starting to narrow in places on Timber Wolf, but is still in very good shape. It looks like there should be snow to ski on at Wolf Laurel this weekend."

Donnie Eddie skied at Sugar – "I was at Sugar on Thursday and have to say that it was depressing. There IS still some good snow in limited areas, but there are a lot of bare spots, thin coverage and downright mud. Okay, I know we don’t ski on the muddy areas…but USUALLY there’s no mud where there is right now. The bottom of the mountain is certainly better than the top. They will have some decent snow for this weekend, but not sure if they will be open the middle of next week. That is just my opinion…nothing official…but I’ve skied here before when they closed right after conditions like this."

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