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We have updated the new On-Snow Procedures and want to ask all On-Snow Reporters to sign up through our new online form. The reason? Simply to help us determine who we have reporting at what resorts and with what frequency.

Simply CLICK HERE to view how we want you guys and gals to give us an assist. The signup only takes a minute and the rewards just might win you a FREE VACATION with dining, lodging, skiing, rentals and more.

The REAL winners are…Want to know a little secret? We’ve watched over the years at how the people that originally signed on to report slope conditions were looking for a little attention. However, many of the same people who started out reporting for us…are still doing it and we’ve seen the payoff. The REAL winners are the visitors to this web network. We receive so many accolades about how great this website is and how they’ve come to depend so much on the honesty and unbiased updates. Truth is…WE are not the ones "out there". It’s those of you who have a real appreciation and love for snow…AND the resorts that give us a chance to play in it.

Those of you who have already been submitting reports and photos while we were still doing some tweaking…you are VERY much appreciated. Take a moment and SIGNUP officially. Those of you reading this who would like to provide some useful input that contributes to a better on-snow experience for all of us…whether you can send one or two reports and photos…or tons…please join our team of On-Snow Reporters. Our visitors appreciate you…and so do we!

Until the AM….

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