Notes and Quotes this morning — Bryce Resort in Virginia

First Trax

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Opened their popular White Lightning slope and the only trial not open today is "hangover"…and they had about 3" of new snow to make the fun all that more fun at Bryce for today!

Massanutten Resort – Reports that they received 2" of snow from yesterday’s storm and that takes them to 3" of natural snow on the season. Weird season huh?

Wintergreen Resort – They report about 4"-6" of snow since yesterday and, of course, phenomenal conditions for skiing and riding today. Tyro and Lower Diamond open today. Upper Turkey and Cross Cut should open mid morning. Both tubing parks are open as well.

The West Virginia mountains have received the BULK of the heavier snows and we’ve detailed as much of that information as we could below.

Canaan Valley – They’ve received quite a lot of snow based on our weather data, however they have not reported either to us or their own website for the last few days. Call ahead for precise information.

Snowshoe Resort – These guys have been blessed with 11" of new snow since yesterday and now they have seen 53" on the season! Snowshoe will play on 55 trails today and what HAS to be the best snow south of New York. Snowmaking operations continue around-the-clock at both the Snowshoe and Silver Creek Areas and it looks like the temperatures are going to stay low enough to allow that to continue this week. Look for the halfpipe to reopen at the Mountain Terrain Park this week, another addition to already excellent conditions.

WISP Reported 8" of new snow and they will also have some phenomenal conditions for today.

Ober Gatlinburg in Tennessee – We have felt for these guys as several times this season, while everyone around them were seeing cold temps they were experience temperature inversions or some other weird weather phenomenon. Case in point was Saturday when they were some 20 degrees warmer than anyone else. NOT SO TODAY! They are showing 9° this morning and they also received 2" of snow.

The word for the day is WIND! High winds in some areas are causing some resorts to post temporary closures of a few of the higher elevated lifts. Cataloochee and Hawksnest mentioned the wind in the morning reports, but expect the same possibility at other locations. Most areas have reported in with from 3" or so at Appalachian, to 6" of snow up on Beech Mountain and other higher elevations. Of course you’ll find Sugar, with their magic snow cloud, reporting 7" of snow since yesterday but according to the Police Department they received "four maybe five inches" and they also told us that the snow was so hard at one point last night that they had to shut down Hwy 184 for about two hours from 8-10pm.

We’re still getting some snow and forecasters are saying that we could see another 1-2" of snow for it quits later this afternoon. Here at out location near the bottom of Seven Devils, we’re seeing from 3" to 4" of new snow and that’s about what most people are writing in to tell us. BE SURE TO SEND US YOUR GREAT SNOW PHOTOS OVER THE NEXT DAY OR TWO…and YOU may be our Photo of the Day! Feel free to write me at: [email protected]

It will be COLD out and about with highs not getting out of the SINGLE DIGITS in some areas and only reached into the low teens in others. Winds will die down SOME later, but it will be windy most of the day, creating wind chills that will stay near OR BELOW ZERO all day. Dress in layers and be mindful of Frost Bite.

Road Conditions – Suffice to say that roads all across the region are Snow Covered and slick from yesterday’s icy conditions…and drifting, wind-blown snow overnight. You should stay indoors OR ON THE SLOPES if possible and not venture onto the roads too much if possible. If you DO have to be out and about…PLEASE have a 4WD and/or CHAINS to navigate the roadways with. Otherwise, you MAY find yourself unable to move and stuck in your vehicle with dangerous, miserable cold temps. Skiing will be a challenge to the hearty souls out today. However THIS is what WINTER is about. New snow, packed powder and cold. This might be a good day to enjoy the football games and dash in and out of your accommodations or the ski lodge to get in a few runs.

The next several days should be PHENOMENAL SKI CONDITIONS as a high pressure will slowly build east the next couple of days resulting in diminishing winds and a slow moderating trend.

Weather Forecast For the North Carolina Mountains

Today – Snowy with 1-2" more accumulation and 5-8" total – Hi 15° Lo 8°
Monday – Partly Cloudy – Hi 34° Lo 23°
Tuesday – Partly Cloudy – Hi 39° Lo 28°
Wednesday – Partly Cloudy – Hi 47° Lo 33°
Thursday – Partly Cloudy – Hi 44° Lo 27°
Friday – Variably Cloudy – Hi 40° Lo 23°

…and next weekend there IS a chance of more of the same Wintry Weather! THINK SNOW!

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