North Carolina Ski Resorts Look for More Snow and Great Snowmaking Temps this Week!

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We want to make you aware of one event before we get into reviews of this past weekend and additional notes and comments.

Wolf Ridge Ski Resort Announces Slope Style Competition!

The competition will heat up on January 27th at Wolf Ridge Ski Resort as the slopes host a slope style competition at Park Place, the resort’s new Terrain Park. The new park is located just off Upper Boardwalk on the Breakaway side of Wolf Ridge. The competition begins at 1 PM and will include skiers and snowboarders.

Each competitor will be given 2 runs judged by a panel of 3 judges. The score will be based on style, amplitude and technicality. The top 5 competitors will move on to a final 3rd run. Prizes will be given to top 3 competitors. (possible prizes could be cash, gear, passes, trophy)

Registration for the competition will begin at 9 AM at the Upper Wolf Ridge Lodge. There will be a $15 registration fee and a 25% discount on lift tickets for competitors. Prizes will be given to top 3 competitors.

The event is co-sponsored by Breakaway Village, Zero Gravity Skate Park of Brevard, Red Bull and Wolf Ridge Ski Resort. For more information call 828-689-4111.

Now to Our Regularly Scheduled Program…!

What a Weekend! The weather was GREAT on Friday and Saturday across the state and Sunday was a beast! Saturday was also a busy day on the slopes as well. We have some nice photos to share with you guys and we’ll be updating those today. Several trip reports have some in as well and we’ll post all of those in just a bit, so keep checking back!

The dreaded ice storm that was forecasted for much of Western North Carolina only reared a portion of its scary head as freezing rain, sleet and drizzle made things very slick across many of the higher elevations on Sunday, but around 2-3pm things warmed a bit and rain kind of got rid of the ice. SO SOMETIMES RAIN IS OUR FRIEND!

More about the Weather – AHEAD!

This morning’s lows across the state were all in the upper 30s to 40°. It will be a nice “soft snow” day at all of North Carolina’s resorts today. Highs will be in the mid 40s across the state under variably cloudy days.

All of the resorts will be offering pretty good conditions, with no thin coverage and plenty of terrain to play on. The forecast tonight is for the temps to drop back into the mid 20s so we’ll see the snowguns fire up again. The great news is that the snowguns will again go to “around-the-clock mode” as the highs Tuesday will only be in the mid 30s or so. Then Wednesday we’re looking at some SNOW coming in later in the afternoon and Thursday looks VERY SNOW (Snow Showers) and highs in the TWENTIES and lows in the TEENS. The coming weekend looks GREAT with Sunny Skies Friday and Saturday and highs in the 30s and lows in the teens and 20s. Sunday gets cloudy again with PM Snow Showers!

Last week was wonderful because all of the resorts were able to make a ton of snow! If you look back at Monday (one week ago) things were in terrible shape. Here, just seven days ago, we have very nice conditions across the board! The forecast for the week ahead will mean that things will look even greater, with more terrain opening throughout the week ahead.

So expect the very good conditions to transition to near GREAT as we go through the week!

Welcome Dave Snow…

I don’t know how to take the feelings that I’m having this morning! We posted an article written by our newest columnist late in the afternoon on Sunday and we have received more comments and feedback from his story than all that we have posted this season! My mixed feelings are due to the fact that many wrote us this morning to say that it was the best story of the season! So I guess I’m a little jealous!

Okay, now I’m over the petty jealousy (that didn’t last long did it?) and I’d have to say that adding additional contributing writers was a great idea. We will be setting up dedicated email addresses for our writers later this week and we invite you to write our columnists directly. I’m certain that I speak for Dave and each of our columnists when I say that we all like to receive feedback – good and “not so good”.

As per Dave’s story, I can honestly say that we have received numerous comments and responses to it and every single one of them agree with his comments. I personally have a “take” on the points written within his story and I have also heard from some of our contacts that work up at Ski Beech as well as one of their management and we’ll probably be writing an update to Dave’s story. I have found it amazing as to how well Dave’s points were taken and look forward to future rants and raves.

If you have a comment, please send it to [email protected]  and we’ll probably be posting some of your emails as a summary of the opinions “out there”.

Until Next Time…


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