North Carolina Ski Resorts Eyeing the COLD ARCTIC BLAST Heading Our Way!

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You’d think that with the weather being somewhat mild across the region that it would be a slow news day but nope…not this morning! After you’ve read this morning’s report, be sure to jump over to for more news from all of the rest of the Southeast’s ski resorts. There’s a lot of news to share. Be sure to check the slope conditions page for ski conditions and trail openings.


You guys can read the full details of the program in the second news story on the front page, but suffice to say that Appalachian Ski Mtn. is offering free skiing as an incentive for its guests to support efforts to fight global warming. Read the Full Story by Clicking Here.

The main thing to note is that on three weekends, each guest at Appalachian Ski Mtn. who purchases a ski ticket and a $ 3 Green Ticket will receive a voucher for a free ski ticket redeemable any night in March. This offer will be available December 8 & 9, January 5 & 6, and March 1 & 2.

Editor’s Note: The editors of this website do not necessarily support the concept of global warming and feel that the data supports more of a natural warming trend that will – within another 10-20 years be a "cooling trend" that will have us snickering at "those silly people back in 2007", but we do support doing your part to clean up our world. It never hurts to burn less fuel and we REALLY support FREE SKIING, so join in the "fight"!


The Seven Devils town managers may not have allowed Hawksnest to do their desired construction on the mountain, but they could not prevent them from doing some construction of another kind. They have debuted a new website that has more features than in years past. Hawksnest plans on providing weekly video instruction tips and more in the coming weeks. We spoke with Lenny Cottom briefly on Wednesday and they are hoping to "construct" a bunch of snow beginning with the first burst of cold air now that we are nearing December 1st.


Beech’s Gil Adams writes, "We are watching the weather closely with hopes of a snow making session possible for the first of the week. The forecast looks promising for a chance to begin snow making on Monday. We will have to see as the time gets closer, but we are anxious and we are ready. Once we begin, our plan will be to make adequate snow to ensure good coverage to provide consistent ski conditions before we open for skiing."

We were thinking that they might begin making snow tonight and each of the next few nights as temps are forecasted to drop into the 20s. However, there IS some rain in the forecast for Sunday – just prior to the FRIGID temps expected to come in and STAY around for a bit beginning on Monday, December 3rd. So from their announcement, expect the snowguns to crank up at Beech on Monday.


Both meteorologist Brad Panovich and Matthew East sent in new weather content and we will post that this morning as quickly as possible. Expect a LOT of winter temps to invade the area…SOON!

Again, be sure to check out for a lot more from around the rest of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic ski areas!

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Until Next Time…See you on the slopes and THINK SNOW and COLD!

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