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What a STRANGE day yesterday was for us here at SkiNC and SkiSoutheast! We were SO busy that a couple of firsts took place.  One, we never got around to posting the On-Snow reports that poured in for the last few days.  We only had time to post one Photo of the Day late yesterday afternoon just to show another photo instead of the same one that showed for two days! We didn’t get around to posting the “morning update” on until about 4pm yesterday afternoon and we never really finished posting all of the slope conditions update!  From the time I hit my desk at 7:00am Monday morning until I left to go home yesterday evening our office was bombarded with new job after new job and as much as I scrambled to get back to the ski sites to post the updates…I simply could not get it done!  I thank God for all of the success we’re having company-wise, but it sure made it difficult to be in “ski mode” yesterday.

Since we’re now into our late season mode across many of the resorts of the Southeast, I will begin combining the morning updates for both websites.  That will save me some time and with some resorts preparing to shut down for the season…it will also give us the opportunity to tell you where the snow is…and who’s got what open!

As I prepared to sit down and do this update this morning I looked back over some of my post for yesterday and if I didn’t know better I’d say that when I wrote yesterday’s stories that I must have been possessed by some sort of anti-Winter demon. As I read back over it I felt as though most of the post seemed to be predicting a sudden end to ski season everywhere.  That was not the intent of the update. I won’t attempt to use today’s column to re-write yesterday’s but I will say that THERE IS PLENTY OF SKIING DAYS left to enjoy turns at many resorts.  The main intent of Monday’s column was to state that the weather is turning amazingly mild over the next several days and with no cold outbreaks in the foreseeable forecast – SOME resorts with precarious conditions now will be closing a bit more prematurely than they might otherwise.

Photos of the Day Tell the Story Better Than Words

As I was finally getting a look at all of the photos that we received from over the weekend they painted a picture of how amazing the timing of this Winter has been.  At the mid point of last week thin coverage and bare spots were more noticeable at Sugar Mountain and Beech, particularly via the Live Webcams.  Then the cold air hit Friday night and by Saturday the conditions were so amazing it was almost not believable.  That is a testament to the improved technology of snowmaking – AND to the talent that the snowmakers of the Southeast possess.  This weekend provided ski conditions that were on par with some of the nicest of the entire season.  Then the resorts of the Southeast received more snow Sunday night and last night.  Ski Beech and Snowshoe Mountain have each received about 4” of snow in the last two nights.  Others received snow and the totals are reflected in the slope conditions, but the point is that with the mild temps of last week AND all of the talk of Spring-like temps for the foreseeable forecast ahead – THINGS ARE GREAT RIGHT NOW!  Not just good conditions…but VERY GOOD-to GREAT conditions.

Check the Slope Conditions for Full Details

We’re not going to comment on all ski areas this morning except to say that conditions are very nice across the board.  There ARE some resorts closed and we advise you to check the slope conditions report for all of the details.  Here are some special notes of interest.

A few reporting services are reporting that Cataloochee Ski Area “will be opening soon” but THEY ARE OPEN TODAY from 1pm until 10pm.  Tubing is closed for the season.  The Cat has all 10 trails open and they did make snow last night so conditions should be sweet.

Hawksnest IS closed til Friday.  There hasn’t been any official word from Hawksnest just yet, but since they didn’t make snow the last few nights, this MIGHT be their last weekend open for the season.  They have announced that they will be open weekends only, but with mild temps ahead…

We received word from Gene Head over at Scaly Mountain Tubing area that they are now closed for the season.  We’ve been in communication with the new owners over there and there are some exciting plans at Scaly for a year-round outdoor center and we’ll provide more insight as soon as we can. We will be designing a new website for the new owners and as soon as we are able, we will update you guys.

We DID get word from Gil Adams up at Ski Beech yesterday afternoon.  We had speculated about a potential closing date and he told us that they made snow Sunday night and again last night.  They have also received about 4” or so of natural snow since Sunday and they plan on staying open as long as it makes sense to do so.  There’s no question that Beech is looking VERY NICE right now and should offer some great conditions for the next couple of days.  Beyond that it is anyone’s guess as to a closing date.  Our call is that the management up there will take one look at the forecast ahead and probably shoot for the 19th of March…but don’t be surprised if they don’t close Sunday March 12th or a day or so past that.

As we mentioned yesterday – some reporting services are also saying the Wolf Laurel is open.  THEY ARE NOT OPEN.  They PLAN to reopen Friday – weather permitting. Keep checking back and we will update you if they decide not to reopen.  We think that they will open for this weekend and THEN close for the season but that could change.

Massanutten Resort in Virginia picked up 2” of snow last night and is looking quite nice today.

Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia has seen about 4” of new snow in the last 48 hours and that takes them to 151” on the season.  They are in GREAT shape right now and have plenty of deep base to weather the week of mild temps ahead. They also MADE SNOW last night and conditions are sweet right now!

It is 15° at Timberline Resort this morning and they picked up a good dusting of snow overnight.  Conditions are in great shape right now on the 30 trails they have open. They have closed their back country trails and they did not make snow last night despite the cold temps.  Timberline Resort has some cool events coming up.  March 17 & 18 is their famous “Snowy Luah Celebration” and they will have continuous entertainment, Hawaiian Luau, dancers, bands, torch light parade and fireworks!  Then on March 31st and April 1st they have a cool Jimmy Buffet Tribute that we’re betting our friend Joe Stevens may be around for!

Until Next Time!

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