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The 2004-2005 Ski Season in North Carolina is now officially over. Sugar Mountain closed on Monday, March 28th at 4:30pm officially bringing an end to one crazy Winter!

If you have been following our reports over the last week, you’ll know that we have been combining the closing days of this season’s reports for and into one. For almost the entire season, we segregated the reporting for the two websites to bring you the best of what the North Carolina ski areas had to offer.

Now that the NC Ski Season is complete…we invite you to visit for the closing days of the season for the rest of the region’s ski areas.

We will be "writing a final chapter on the season" pretty soon (give a couple of days) and then we will call it quits until next season here on the website as well. As with each off-season, we have a lot planned to make and even better. In the past we have made those announcements at the end of the season, however we’re pretty excited about some of the new offerings that we have planned and quite honestly we want to keep those under wraps until just before we debut the 2005-2006 season! Let’s just say that you’re going to have more information at your fingertips than ever before!

So check back often as we make some closing comments within a few days and thanks for making the number one internet destination for information about skiing in the region!

One of the Diehards Closes Down Sugar Mountain – Written by Dean Judson of Roswell, Georgia.

Dean was at Sugar Mountain the first day of this season and he was one of a couple of handfuls of people who was at Sugar on Monday. Here’s what Dean had to say:

"The few, the proud. That is probably the only way to describe Sugar Mountain on Monday. A steady rain kept all but the diehards away. We counted maybe 25 people on the slopes. An ever-expanding bare spot on Lower Flying Mile made for some interesting ski maneuvers. By 1pm it was virtually impossible to board the yellow lift at mid-point. Ironically, the best slope on the mountain was the double black diamond WhoopDeeDoo which is traditionally one of the last places to fill in at season’s start. Sugar Slalom held up well. Big Red started out ok and gradually deteriorated by early afternoon.

You gotta hand it to the staff at Sugar for this past weekend and the season. Friday and Saturday mornings were really great. The afternoons were ski-in-your-shorts events. The Easter Egg hunt Sunday morning was a hoot. As late as Sunday night the groomers were still pushing snow around for any skiers who came on Monday.

It was kinda cool to be skiing on the first day of the 2004-05 season at Sugar and, alas, the last. When you think about it, we skied Thanksgiving to Easter. The season pass goes further at Sugar than any place else in the area.

Dean Judson
Roswell, GA"

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