More SNOW is forecasted for the Ski Resorts in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee and North Carolina!

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A number of people emailed us over the weekend SURPRISED by all the snow we had last week. WHERE HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN?

The West Virginia resorts were HAMMERED with snow last week. Most of the that area saw from 1-2 feet of snow – with Snowshoe Mountain reporting 38" of snow on the WEEK!

The Virginia resorts got a bit of snow here and there, but the North Carolina ski areas were blessed with substantial snows as well. Most of the High Country of Western North Carolina saw anywhere from 2-4" of snow a week ago and then this past Friday they saw another 6-9.5" of snow across the region!

…AND MORE SNOW IS ON THE WAY!!!! Before I get into that, I had some fun this past Saturday as I had to go down to Hickory to help my oldest daughter move. I keep a pretty decent utility trailor over near the foot of Beech where it ALWAYS seems to get more natural snowfall. Anyway, I went and dug it out of the snow Saturday morning and pulled close to 8" of snow down the mountain. Of course we got a lot of surprised looks because literally three miles south of Blowing Rock was dry with no snow. As I pulled up in her driveway down in Hickory we were met with an impromtu snowball fight as nearly 5-6" of the snow survived the trip.

That reminds me of a story that Joe Stevens told me a couple of years ago about how they loaded a dump truck full of snow from Snowshoe and trucked it down to Charleston (I think). Come to think of it, THAT would be a great way to promote our mountains! Simply truck a load of snow down the mountain from time to time with signs all over it to promote the ski areas! Maybe if we stick a good looking guy and gal on a snowboard or something… I’ll have to think about that one 🙂


As I was driving home late Sunday my wife got a phone call from one of great friends who resides in Lexington, South Carolina. She called to ask "what in the world was going on with all of this snow we are getting…"

This HAS been a GREAT November "ride" and it looks to be continuing this week. The ski areas from West Virginia, Maryland down through North Carolina are all expecting more snow this evening through Wednesday. While the North Carolina mountains are forecasted to see perhaps 3-4" of snow – the West Virginia mountains may see an inch today, 1-3" more tonight – ummmm – 2-4" MORE on Tuesday and then "additional accumulation" Wednesday and Wednesday night!

It this CRAZY or what!?!?!

I went skiing Friday night and I have to tell you that I am not certain that I have seen the kind of conditions we are experiencing THIS EARLY in November before.


If you’ve been holding off about planning your Thanksgiving Weekend getaway – waiting on the weather or gas prices, etc – quit putting it off and make plans to be here in the mountains! The weather is looking GREAT for Thursday with highs in the 40s and lows in the 20s and clear skies. The weekend after is looking quite nice as well! So make those reservations and plan on hitting the slopes!

Here’s some notables about the FIVE SOUTHEAST AND MID ATLANTIC Ski Areas open for Monday!

Snowshoe Mountain – 21° – 6 Trails open for day skiing. They are making snow as temps allow and as mentioned above ARE EXPECTING MORE SNOW!!!

Appalachian – 33° – They made snow last night but the guns are off and grooming is taking place this AM and the conditions there should be AWESOME! They have 8 of 10 trails open and both terrain parks. Day skiing only right now.

Cataloochee – 35° – They made snow last night and also have 8 trails available. They are open for day and night skiing as well.

Ski Beech – 34° – They made snow but the guns are off now. Conditions were reportedly GREAT this weekend. They are still having issues with their QUAD lift but they are running 4 trails serviced by 3 lifts for day skiing only.

Sugar Mountain – 29° – They too made snow but the guns are off now. They plan to crank them back up as soon as the temps allow later today. They have 9 trails open for day and night skiing as well.

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