More delays on tap for NC?

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Don’t shoot the messenger, but I feel like I’m Tom Hanks in the new movie "Terminal", where he gets stuck with delay after delay at the airport. We WILL see resorts firing the guns in full force for the next few nights as snowmaking temps will be ideal Wednesday night through Sunday. However, the forecast for Monday, December 6th through Friday, December 10th is not exactly condusive to getting our slopes in top form! Here’s the latest.

Dec 01 Partly Cloudy / Windy 47°/26°
Dec 02 Sunny 50°/29°
Dec 03 Sunny 44°/26°
Dec 04 Partly Cloudy 45°/28°
Dec 05 Partly Cloudy 49°/34°

Monday – Dec 06 Cloudy 48°/43°
Tuesday – Dec 07 Showers 60°/36°
Wed – Dec 08 Partly Cloudy 47°/33°
Thu – Dec 09 Mostly Cloudy 48°/36°
Fri – Dec 10 Rain 48°/36°

Not exactly what the doctor, or resort management ordered. Winter WILL rear it’s head around here…and when it does…

This pattern is looking a lot like TWO seasons ago when we had such a late start on ski season…with snow and cold hitting just before Christmas and then the rest of the season was GREAT. THINK COLD…THINK SNOW!

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