More Base Depth Data…We Report – You Decide

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More Base Depth Data…We Report – You Decide — First of all…hats off to the North Carolina resorts for at least paying attention to what we’ve been yapping about for weeks now. For those of you who will, no doubt, email me that it doesn’t matter HOW MUCH snow you’re skiing or riding on…you’re missing the point. We AGREE that you only ski on the top few inches…but when people make choices as to WHERE they are going to ski by numbers that are not accurate, that is wrong.

So to today’s continued saga of: Base Depths – Part XXXIV

We’ve now had a few days of mild temps and some drizzle and we have been monitoring (as we promised) the base depths at all of the resorts and here’s some interesting notes. We not going to elaborate…but YOU make your own judgements.

In the last THREE DAYS of mild temps and rain…

Appalachian – dropped 4"
Cataloochee – dropped 6"
Hawksnest – dropped 13" to 18"
Ski Beech – dropped 4"
Sugar – dropped 9"
Wolf Laurel – dropped 2"

Ober Gatlinburg in Tennessee – dropped 8"

Now HERE is where we get to pick on our neighbors to the north. ALL of the rest of the resorts in the Southeast have seen NO CHANGE whatsoever in their base depths over the same three days. We’re going to look past Snowshoe, Timberline and Winterplace because the temps have been slightly cooler AND they had some snow over the weekend. However, Canaan Valley in West Virginia has not adjusted their base depths for almost 20 days now. They are showing the same 12-48" that they’ve shown most all season. Additionally, it’s been mild in Virginia and NONE of the Virginia resorts have moved an inch during this mild stretch. Additionally WISP Resort in Maryland has been reporting the same 62" base for a month now. Does snow melt ONLY in North Carolina and Tennessee? …and it obviously melts a heck of a lot quicker at Cataloochee, Hawksnest and Sugar!

I’m going to leave it at that. You guys make your own call. We’ll stay on top of things and try to leave the commentary out of it. It just sure would be nice to get a system that everyone is using and using consistently…and fairly. It is nice to see that our North Carolina resorts are paying attention.

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