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We wanted to give you guys some ON-SNOW perspective of just how good the conditions are today and to that end we have provided you with some ensight from some the emails we received over the weekend. By the way was everyone at Sugar??? See the reports!

Wayne Cash was at Sugar this weekend – "My wife and I left Friday night from Atlanta at 8:30 pm, arriving at the Smoketree Lodge at 1:15 am. This is a nice place to stay, they have an indoor heated pool and nice hot tub all indoors and the prices are right. We skied Sugar from 12:30 pm – 9 pm Saturday with excellent conditions and no lines at all. Sunday the snow began to melt, but still if you can ski it was nice to ski in a T-Shirt. The double black was like mash potatoes but Tom Terrific was terrific. My wife even ventured to the top for the first time. Just to wrap it up, we had a nice weekend at Sugar. I got a tan, Sunday….

Peace guys we will see you again next year. I will be up to MTN Bike this summer. I had a fun year….(as I wipe the tears from my eyes)!!!!!

PS: All the shops had some fantastic deals. – C. Wayne Cash"

Lane Passmore was at Sugar Saturday – What’s up Mike?? Me and My friend, Avery Payne went to Sugar Mountain on Sat. The conditions were great!! It was hard to tell it was the day before spring. As you can tell from the pics it was a pretty day for skiing. The highs were in the mid forties and the sun peaked through a couple of times which really made for a fun day in the snow! Talk to you guys soon………..Lane Passmore."

Mark McKelvy was at Appalachian Saturday – "Hello Mike. I finally took my girlfriend snowboarding for the first time today at App. We got the learn to snowboard package for her with group lesson, rental, and lift for $45 and it was great. She said her instructor was really nice. The weather was beautiful with nice soft snow for her to fall in and it wasn’t crowded at all. I have sent you some pics from the day of mostly her (I read that you all like pretty girl pics!) and a few with me too. Her name is Sarah Krawiec and mine is Mark McKelvy (Markhpnc on the board) in case you forgot. Thanks, Mark."

(Editor’s Note: After NINE YEARS you guys are JUST NOW realizing that we are prone to posting smiling faces???? Of course we like pretty girls! Who doesn’t! 😉 PS: Send more! By the way we posted several photos of all of these guys and girls…and Sarah and Mark’s faces adorn our front page today…so see…we like SMILING FACES as well!)

Doug Burnett was at Sugar last Thursday – "I skied Sugar Mountain on Thursday. OH MAN what a great day. Light snow fell all day on top of the 4 inches that fell between 2 and 8 am. The yellow lift didn’t start loading until 9:05 b/c they were changing a wheel on a tower. But when it did open, there had been no grooming on the upper mountain and conditions were fast powder! This snow was dry and slick. It was definitely one of the better days this year. Some grooming was done below the green lift, but the entire mountain was fluffy white. No crowd allowed for fast reload onto the lifts. I reached my terminal velocity of 48mph in some early runs before noon. (love that GPS) Noon time brought out more people, but not too many. The mountain was totally covered and not looking like the 3rd week of March. GET OUT AND SKI so they will stay open longer! Happy Trails, Doug Burnett."

Jesse Smole was at Beech this weekend and wrote – "I was up at Beech yesterday for a few hours in the afternoon and surprisingly for this late in the season, there was a pretty good crowd up there for men’s day. Snow fell for the entire day, and conditions were great, I was also up at Beech this past Sunday for night skiing in the rain, and would have called it spring conditions that day with very soft snow and even a couple of bare spots. I’ll give Beech credit though because although there was some ice… overall conditions were great, they did a good job keeping the new snow on the slopes and not letting the wet snow from this weekend freeze into a sheet of ice."

FRED SIMS PROVIDES THIS NICE COMMENT – "What a great asset it is to have Brad giving the real scoop and his own opinions versus the standard blah, blah, blah. I really enjoy the site and reading his forecasts. Keep up the great work and I will continue to use the site.

Have a great day!


(Editor’s Note: Yes we agree! Meteorologist Brad Panovich served double duty this season as WCNC TVs on air forecaster and he also provided great ensight into the region’s weather forecast. Brad told us earlier this season that his "two favorite things in life were forecasting and skiing" and it was nice to have a snow lover’s perspective on the forecast and he certainly nailed the forecasts for the most part. We’ll be working with Brad more in the future.

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