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Today was ONE OF THOSE DAYS that I just seemed to be working on SkiNC and SkiSoutheast ALL day long. I didn’t get a lot of work done otherwise! There was several hours logged on the sites today…and if you’ll check out the Photos of the Day (frontpage and archives) you’ll find MANY photos for today and this weekend…and I think it’s safe to say that, as a group, THESE WERE THE BEST PHOTOS WE’VE EVER RECEIVED.

We have received THE BEST Snowboard photos that we’ve ever had over this weekend…and we posted a TON of them. All spent some time on the front page of and! All are now located in the Photo of the Day archives under Sugar Mountain. These are all worth a look! Thanks to Paul Herrin, Adam Henderson and Charles Ash for sending a ton.

More On-Snow Report

Adam Henderson was at Wolf Laurel on Sunday – "The snow and weather was great once again on Sunday afternoon at Wolf Laurel. The snow was soft, the skies were blue and the weather was warm. I was also amazed that there were not any crowds especially since the slopes are in such great shape and the temperatures were so warm. We had a great afternoon of skiing."

Adam Henderson was at Winterplace on Friday – "We skied at Winterplace on Friday. The skies were beautiful and the snow was in great shape. There had been some freezing rain that turned into snow on Thursday and when the sun came out on Friday it was absolutely beautiful. The groomers did a great job, because everything was smooth and powdery. It was the first time that we had been to Winterplace and we had a good time. Winterplace had some fun blue runs and the tube area looked like a lot of fun."

Tommy Lumpkin was at Sugar on Sunday – "It was a great day at Sugar yesterday—even though it was bulletproof in places—it softened up—and—the sun was out and you could actually see! I met Patrick Kidda from Atlanta, who is also a rider."

Doug Burnett was at Winterplace Resort this weekend as well – "The conditions at Winterplace were great all weekend. A loose granular surface covered the entire mountain with No icey spots that I saw anywhere. Saturday was a madhouse with record crowds. (so said a lift attendant on Sunday) The slopes were in superb shape with some super grooming efforts. Lots of base was evident, like 8 ft in some spots, but most areas had maybee 4 ft. Mild temps had me sheding my jacket. We went tubeing to try it out Winterplace style, bad move. they sold 2000 all day tickets that day, said a ticket lady, and I had to wait 30 to 45 minutes for a tube for 1 slide and then wait another 30 to 45 minutes to do it again. I was disappointed, and left .

Sunday was Totally different. Skiing with the family was a blast! The groomers had been at it all night and the entire mountain had on its corduroy. The slopes shone in the sunrise as if covered with diamonds waiting for me to track up! I did! The crowds were light in the morning and gone by 1:00. We skied from 8 to 2 and got all we wanted. The terrain park was great and is ski friendly. I skied my first boxes on Sunday, but couldnt get on the 5 rails. A Quick $10 add on to my lift ticket and we went tubing from 3 to 5. No wait today and we probably went down 15 times. My 6 year old finally was able to ski top to bottom by herself. Yea! No more broken back or yelling pizza pizza over 20 acres. With all three kids able to handle their own skis, life is good. Pictures coming later, gotta go earn som ski money!"

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Lindsea Lumpkin, the seven year old SkiNCcom Sponsored Snowboarder finished 1st place at Sugar Mountain Sunday – Photos by Charles Ash.
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