Mild Weekend and Maybe Snowmaking Temps Tuesday?!?!


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Partly Cloudy and MILD with highs in the mid 60s today.  Don’t be surprised if the temp goes above the 64 forecasted. It should be clear tonight and 45°.  Saturday now shows a 40% chance of showers and a high of 68°.  Sunday should be variably cloudy with a 20% chance of rain and 68°. Monday may pass 70° on the gauge and look for increasing clouds and a 30% of rain early in the afternoon and more at night.  Tuesday the temps drop dramatically but only with highs near 50° and there is a 50% chance of rain. Tuesday night may dip to 32° and there’s a chance of a snow shower but probably not anything in the way of accumulations.  Wednesday look for a slight chance of some continued snow flurries early and then a high of 47°.  Wednesday night we could see snowmaking temps at 27°.  Thursday trends back to a high of 49° and sunny skies.

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