Mild Early this Week, Snowy towards the Weekend!

First Trax

This week still appears to be a "tale of two halves" as the first part will be mild with temps in the mid 50s and lows in the mid to upper 40s. (Well above normal.) Wednesday looks to begin with some rain and maybe even a thunderstorm with an early afternoon high of 55° or so and then things turn sharply colder with snowmaking temps reentering the picture as it should drop to 22° or so.

Thursday looks normal with sunny skies and highs slightly below normal at 42° and overnight lows near 25°.

Then the weekend is looking snowy and cold with scattered snow Friday evening, and Saturday with highs in the mid 30s Saturday and only a degree or two warmer on Sunday.

TRANSLATION: Things look PERFECT for another great weekend ahead…and as far as today through Wednesday is concerned…if you’re here and have a chance to hit the slopes go ahead head out…you just may have to dodge a drop or two here and there.

Base Depths range from Decent to Great across the region. Check out the individual Slope Conditions page for details.

Wisp Resort is getting a bit of rain right now, but we were up there all weekend and can tell you that they are in GREAT shape with 30 trails opem, an awesome snow tubing park and you’ll want to give their new Mountain Coaster a whirl!

Wisp is at 3115′ elevation which is considerably less that a lot of the resorts in West Virginia and even into North Carolina (Ski Beech is at 5,105′). However, what they lack in elevation, they make up for with a great location that draws more of the arctic blasts and lake effect snows. We got into 2" or so of snow Friday afternoon and evening up there and before traveling back home yesterday we took a few minutes to drive down the Deep Creek Lake (at the foot of Wisp Resort) and literally walked out and had a snowball fight IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAKE! The cold temps have been great up there for the last month!

Snowshoe Mountain is in a light drizzle right now but conditions are quite nice with a lot going on as well. Laura Parquette writes, "The next few days are expected to offer mild winter temperatures. High temperatures will be in the 50s, which will loosen the snow and make for spring-like conditions. Over the next three days, there is a chance of showers, which are expected to clear on Thursday. Then, as we near the weekend, it looks like natural snow will return to the mountain. Today, both Cupp Run and Shay’s Revenge will be closed for the annual Cupp Run Challenge, which is hearlded as one of the toughest downhill races in Mid-Atlantic & Southeast."

Sapphire Valley – The NCSAA is reporting that they are closed. The SSAA is reporting them as open with 2 slopes and tubing. We spoke with Tom Rupert over there and he said that they are TRYING to get open today and will know at noon. He said that they were moving some snow around and IF they got open today, they would probably NOT be open Tuesday and from the look of things right now…they would not be open this weekend either. They have really had it tough down that way, except for a brief period of cold over the last couple of weeks. No need for a base rating here.

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