Meteorologist Brad Panovich Shares His Winter Forecast!

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WCNC’s Brad Panovich is talking the talk we want to hear!

Brad Panovich is admittedly a ski and snow lover, however he takes his forecasting seriously.  Afterall, this IS how he makes his living at NBC 6, WCNC TV in Charlotte, North Carolina.  So when Brad released his version of the 2007-2008 Winter Forecast don’t think that he allows his personal feelings to temper what he believes that we’re in store for during the upcoming season.

You can click on the video that displays in the middle column of the front page to see his entire six minute segment that was featured on-air in the Charlotte area, as well as the WCNC website and now on and  To summarize his forecast, if it comes true, we’re going to love this coming winter, particularly the further north you go!

Panovich says that Snowshoe Mountain, Winterplace, Canaan Valley, Timberline and Wisp Resort (in West Virginia and Maryland) will all get above average snowfall this Winter, and have temperatures that will be slightly below normal from December through March.  Areas more southerly, such as Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina will ALSO be slightly colder than normal with about average snowfall for their areas.

His video segment (you have to watch it!) incorporates such really high-tech, and cool graphics and he states clearly that he expects that the jet stream to be more favorable for the northernmost states within the Southeast and Mid Atlantic area, but that it will "leak" colder and stormy weather into Tennessee and North Carolina with enough frequency to make for what could be a great season ahead!

He did throw in that the areas more east, along the coast of the eastern seaboard would be warmer and that the drought will continue for those regions.


So Brad’s forecast seems to be closer to what the Old Farmer’s Almanac is saying, and almost a polar opposite of what many or most industry forecasters are saying. Herb Stevens, the skiing weatherman, The Weather Channel gurus, and even Ray Russell of more local, High Country fame are all saying that we should prepare ourselves for temperatures that will be 1-2° warmer than normal and only about 60% of normal, natural snowfall.

We also released our own, very UNSCIENTIFIC forecast (which coincidentally looks a lot like Brad’s – but without all of the high-tech displays.) and we think that maybe the skiing weatherman might lose his moniker this season. Stevens’ forecast for this winter actually includes some real gloom and doom, particularly for the North Carolina resorts.  His 2007-2008 Winter Forecast actually hints that some of our North Carolina ski areas may have it so bad as to actually close up in mid-winter…and stay closed!

Here’s hoping that Herb’s forecast is just wayyyyyyy wrong!


Brad emailed me last night while at the station to setup FTP access to get us his videos and also announced that he will be providing weekly WINTER updates on Thursdays at WCNC all season long.  We will be featuring Brad’s updates each week this season. So all of us that call ourselves snow lovers want to express a special thanks to Mr. Panovich for providing his expertise to our SkiNC and audience! If you watch his video, you’ll notice that he’s plugging us pretty strong to their audience as well. Thanks again Brad.  You are the weather-MAN dude!

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