Merry Christmas Eve On-Snow Reports

First Trax

Austin Beeghly gave us an assist and found this out about Sapphire Valley – "As of 4:30pm Thursday, Sapphire is CLOSED because of the rain that killed their base. They will remain CLOSED until at least Friday around noon when a decision will be made as to whether or not to open today. They will definately open on Saturday."

Jeff Davies on Appalachian – "Appalachian was cranking the snow last night when I was just walking around to see how the snow would be today. One of their people told me to expect that App would add about 7-10" of snow to their base with the temps dropping like they are tonight." (Editor’s Note: Appalachian DID add 10" to their base since yesterday.)

Kevin Dreher at Ski Beech last Night – "Even with the temperature near 17 degrees at the base, Beech was rather pleasant tonight. The coulds were low again, taking the visibility down, however they were not as bad as Tuesday. The snow had a good hardpack to it with a granular top. Very fast snow tonight. The rains did show a bit of wear on the slopes as all showed bare spots. I’m not sure if the run-off from the rains caused it or if Beech had a water main break, but there was a creek running through the approach to the Quad lifthouse."

Adam Henderson at Wolf Laurel last night – "Skiing was pretty tough tonight at Wolf Laurel as was probably the case at most areas. I think just about every gun was running tonight. It made it very hard to see, but should make for some nice powder in the morning. The snow was very hard tonight except around the snow guns. (it was a little sticky around the guns). Tomorrow morning should be beautiful with a LIGHT dusting of snow that fell late this evening."

Mike Roberts was at Sugar – "I was surprised to see some thin coverage areas on the slopes tonight, but I should have expected it due to the rain from earlier. All in all the conditions were GREAT and even though the snowguns were going in full force we had a great time. The surface went from FAST, to slushy, to hard packed in areas, but with all of the snowmaking that these guys are doing – and with some grooming – Sugar will be THE place to be on Friday!"

Keep them coming guys!

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