Mentone Skiing

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Are you one of the many that believes there could not possibly be any place to snow ski and snowboard in a southern state such as Alabama? Believe it or not, there is a Ski Resort in Alabama, Cloudmont Ski Resort! A small resort, Cloudmont is located in Mentone Alabama. Mentone is a place in Dekalb County that is renowned for its popular private summer camps. Beautiful year round, Mentone is a remarkable four-season resort, offering horseback riding, golf and tons more in the warmer months and, snow skiing and snowboarding in the winters!

Cloudmont Ski Resort in Mentone Alabama opened in 1970 atop Lookout Mountain. Since then, the resort staff have worked hard to create a ski resort atmosphere, in an unlikely state and the results have paid off. Enjoy Mentone Alabama Skiing at an elevation of 1,800 feet.

There are two 1,000-foot, beginner to intermediate slopes for Mentone Skiing at Cloudmont and the resort is open for Mentone Skiing daily and on weekends and holidays! Two "pony" lifts transport skiers back to the top of the Mentone Ski slopes. Need rentals in order to participate in Mentone Snow Skiing? No worries, you can rent skis, boots and poles for Mentone Skiing at the resort.

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