March 9, 2010 – Rain Showers Creeping Up Towards the End of Week


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It seems that the ski season is slowly coming to an end. This weekend could be last weekend at a few resorts and unfortuantely it won’t be a great weekend to end on in the North Carolina Mountain.  Lots of rain is coming through and clearning out by Sunday so take advantage of the season ending deals and the good weather on Sunday. As for the rest of the week Brad Panavoich out of Charlotte North Carolina gives his take on this upcoming spring rain heading out way.

To see to the forecast CHECK OUT Brad’s Skier’s Forecast Video

You can follow Chief Meteorologist, Brad Panovich via his Twitter page at:

Mountain Forecast

Tuesday: Hi 52° Lo 32° – Moslty Cloudy 30 % Chance of Precipitation.

Wednesday: Hi 52° Lo 38° – Mostly Cloudy 80% Chance of Rain.

Thursday: Hi 29° Lo 19° – 50% Chance of Precipitation. Mostly Cloudy.

Friday: Hi 54° Lo 40° – Partly sunny. 50% Chance of Rain.

Saturday: Hi 50° Lo 34° – Mostly Cloudy. 40% Chance of Rain

Sunday: Hi 44° Lo 31° – Most Sunny. Possibility of snow at night.

Monday: Hi 42° Lo 25° – Partly Sunny. 

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