Lots of SNOW, Tons of BASE, Great Weather! What the Heck are you Waiting For?

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I just feel like rambling today, so beware; there will probably no real "flow" to the content today! Maybe it’s an early touch of Spring Fever even though Spring is officially more than two weeks away. While Spring doesn’t officially begin until March 20th at 11:47am, it will FEEL like Spring this weekend! The forecast for the Southeast and Mid Atlantic is for highs Saturday that will be in the 50s and even into the 60s for some of the ski areas. After the ice box treatment for the last few weeks, this weekend will feel very warm. We’ll no doubt see some skiers and snowboarders enjoying tons of snow and great conditions – while riding in shorts and short sleeved shirts!

Notice that I just mentioned "TONS of snow". I did so because within just the last 24 hours I fielded the normal flow of skiMail in my INBOX, but on this day the bulk was asking some variation of the question that Cynthia Presnick of Blackwater, Kentucky asked. She wrote, "First let me say that I love your website and even though I just found it, it has quickly become a favorite and my first stop on the internet every morning for the last two weeks. We were planning a ski trip to Winterplace this weekend and see that the temperature is going to be in the 60s there on Saturday and Sunday. Since there will be so little snow, should we cancel?"

Cynthia, Cynthia, Cynthia. I’m going to give you a break since you also mentioned that you just found our website AND you mentioned that you’ve made it a regular stop each morning. That saved you, because otherwise I’d have to plague you by email attaching the more than 400 references that I have made about the fact that a few days of very mild air has no real adverse affect on base depth snow at the resorts.

However, for the others of you who also asked similarly formed questions of that nature, look in your INBOX as I just flooded each of you with a ton of articles to read. (J-u-s-t  k-i-d-d-i-n-g!) I was just having a little fun with the newbies.

Cynthia – keep your reservations. You will have a BLAST and you’ll thank me for telling you to make the trip. (And you’ll be forever addicted to "stopping by" our little website every day.) First, young lady, Winterplace and ALL of the ski areas within our five state coverage area are in AMAZING shape and though the temperatures WILL rise into the 60s this weekend, there is SO MUCH snow on the slopes that you will not believe just how sweet the skiing and riding will be this weekend!

Additionally, I just took a quick look at the forecast and the weather will be very nice for the weekend at Winterplace and all of the ski areas…while the forecast for good, ole Blackwater, Kentucky is for better chances of rain – while NO CHANCE to speak of for the mountains.


Meteorologist Matthew East spoke about the "big SkiSoutheast Summit" within his latest Skier’s Forecast video and we’ll share that with you in about an hour. The gist of the report is that there is little in the way of weather that will make for anything but a GREAT trip this weekend for the 135+/- of us who are trekking our way to Snowshoe Mountain on Friday to spend the weekend making turns together, partying together and skiing FREE ON SUNDAY together!


If you like the idea of coming and hanging out with a lot of the readers of the website, getting $100 OFF of your lodging, enjoying some FREE Hors d’oeuvres at a FREE Friday night Apres Ski Party AND getting a FREE LIFT TICKET to ski or ride on Sunday – then COME JOIN US!

Hop over to the Summit page, make reservations and let us know you’re coming! We had a few more make plans to join us yesterday and we’ll update the numbers this morning. It’s going to be a BLAST, the weather will be nice, there will be plenty of snow, and lots of good music and fun to be had.

As of right now, the weather is looking to be very nice across the Southeast and Mid Atlantic from Ober Gatlinburg in Tennessee, to Appalachian Ski Mountain and all of the North Carolina ski areas, to all four of the Virginia ski mountain, to the larger ski mountains in "by God" West Virginia to beautiful Wisp Resort that rises out of Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County, Maryland.


A sure sign of HOW MUCH snow is on the ski mountains of the Southeast is the fact that many did not make snow last night EVEN THOUGH THEY COULD HAVE!

Did not:
Sugar Mountain
Wolf Ridge

Bryce Resort has not made snow in a month. They still look darn nice.

Wintergreen Resort
Canaan Valley
Wisp Resort

Ski Beech

Massanutten Resort made snow but only on the terrain park.

The Homestead
Snowshoe Mountain
Winterplace Resort

All resorts are groomed immaculately as we witnessed via webcams this morning.

As we were looking around the region making sure who did and didn’t make snow last night, we always check numerous resources, including the resort’s websites, the mulitple ski associations and our own calls, etc. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I looked at the North Carolina Ski Areas website and saw that Sapphire Valley was: "Opening in December and that they were making snow right now."

They did open in December, and they closed last weekend. There is no snowmaking happening over there.

Check the SLOPE REPORT page for all of the details today and GO SKI!!!

Send your comments, photos, videos and trip reports to: [email protected]

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