Lots of SNOW in the Seven Day Forecast – and COLD too!

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Snow is on everyone’s minds this morning and that IS understandable since winter JUST decided to really stick around. With that in mind, we’re going to use SNOW as our reporting compass this morning.

First, let’s address the God-created variety! (I have not been able to get this morning’s column finalized because of all of the emails and calls I’ve had.) We ARE seeing very pretty snow flurries and light-to-moderate snow at times, although most of the moisture associated with this storm is south of the Western North Carolina mountains. All areas of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic ARE getting some traces of snow. The most that we’ve heard from thus far (as of this 10am update) is 1” of snow up at Wisp Resort in Maryland.

If you’re wanting to time a visit to your favorite ski mountain around natural snowfall, then the next several days looks great for you guys. Pack your gear and get up here! Snow is in the forecast for today, Friday, Saturday, Sunday night and Monday. While we’re not expecting heavy snow we do have some “ambience” creating snow flurries, etc in the forecast. Additionally, COLD TEMPS stay in the forecast guaranteeing THE BEST ski conditions of the season. Another special note to be aware of is the our meteorologists are saying that we should see lots of snow showers even from Tuesday through all of next week. So the cold and moisture is in place, and maybe will see some even better accumulating snowfalls.

As per the MANMADE SNOW variety, all of the resorts have been blasting the slopes at rates that are better than at any point this season! While updating today’s slope conditions we saw an AVERAGE of 6” of ADDED base to their base depths. Some resorts reported 10” of added base in the last 24 hours. The bottom line is that all resorts are making snow and in addition to adding base, they are focusing on more open terrain. We’re fairly certain (we’ve done the math) that there are MORE trails open today than there have been at any point thus far this season. Several resorts open new slopes today and more increases in trail counts are expected by the weekend.

Check the slope conditions page for more details, but just know that conditions are THE BEST that they’ve been all season – RIGHT NOW. Go ski or ride today!

One note of special interest today:

Massanutten Resort is closed again today. They have been making snow previously that would allow them to reopen today with nice conditions, however, due to circumstances beyond their control, a pipe break has prohibited them from opening this morning. Massanutten will re-open for the 2006-07 season. Up-date today at 3 p.m. for possible Friday hours. (Their have been some crazy rumors that Mass will not reopen – however they are just rumors.)

Why Don’t They Just Quit Posting Bad Information!!!???

We’ve received a few emails from some people within the ski industry asking me about data that we are providing for all of the ski areas that is conflicting with data that some other reporting services are reporting. We’ve said it before, but I guess it bears repeating – we can not help it if OTHER reporting services provide inaccurate data. This morning’s emails came from three different ski shops that were asking about differences in our reports compared to the Southeastern Ski Areas Association. The Southeastern Ski Areas Association is reporting OLD and BAD information across the board this morning. They are reporting 4” of snow at Snowshoe, 2” at Canaan, etc. That is NOT correct. We have made contact with all of the ski areas and while there was some good snow two days ago…we are all only seeing light snows this morning thus far! Additionally the SSAA is reporting inaccurate slope counts. We really don’t know why those guys just don’t mirror their page to our content! Unfortunately they are pushing their data to radio stations and some other national reporting services and they are rarely 100% accurate, and most often worse than that. One specific emailer from one of our ski shops clients contacted us this morning asking why WE are reporting different trail counts than the SSAA and I could only say, “Because we are reporting accurate tallies.” Thankfully not many other than industry related people know how to access their reports.)

Maybe someone “connected” could just advise them to push their website and recorded content to our reports. We’re FREE and we’re 100% correct. Enough said.

Do us a favor and send us your snow and ski pics from today! Also if you’re interested in the rest of the ski areas of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic…be sure to visit www.SkiSoutheast.com for more information, photos of the day and the snow report. Hint: Some of the resorts north have seen more than 4” of snow in the last 24 hours!

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