Lordy Lordy Snowshoe Turns 40

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Happy Birthday Snowshoe! Snowshoe Resort

Snowshoe turns 40 today and with 17” of new natural snow in the past week (5” in the past 2 days), they are providing the party supplies.  Click here for the full schedule of events and details, but just to give you a taste, Big Chocolate plays tomorrow night and the Commodores Saturday night.  The days, starting today, will be filled with games on the slope, chair lifts, and in the village.  Happy hours and hot tub parties are sure to heat it up a bit – which is not a bad thing as Snowshoe was 9 degrees this morning when I updated the ski reports. 

Make your plans today as you will not want to miss this.  The snow is enough of a motivator for sure and the weekend festivities are the icing on the birthday cake.  And let me lay this on you in case you have not heard yet, Snowshoe is anticipating opening up the Western Territory this weekend with the Cupp run!  It would not hurt my feelings one bit if you stopped reading now and starting packing.

Snowshoe Ski Resort
I’m very tempted to just stop typing and jump in the car.

West Virginia as a whole has just been getting dumped on this past week.  Like Snowshoe, Winterplace has been the recipient of the gift of natural snow with 4” in the past couple of days alone.

Winterplace is open to the top with the blue Compromise taking you leisurely back down the mountain and the blacks Nose Dive and Plunge if you want to kick the ole heart rate up a bit and give the legs something to scream about.

Winterplace, WV
Winterplace, WV

Canaan has been busy opening new runs and terrain this week and promises more soon.  As a lot of you know, Canaan Valley Resort is a little different than the other resorts we cover as it is a West Virginia State Park.  Being a park run by the state, they put out request for proposals every once in a while for companies to bid on running the mountain until the next cycle.  Canaan is currently in one of these cycles.

There are currently 4 companies in the bidding to run Canaan Valley Resort State Park for at least the next 5 years.  The four companies bidding to run the resort are pretty diverse and come from Philadelphia, South Dakota, Texas, and Virginia.  You can get all the details here.

Moving over to Virginia for a minute, as promised Wintergreen has opened Tyro – a blue coming off of the Big Acron lift.

Wintergreen, VA
Wintergreen, VA

Massanutten has not been left behind in the slightest by opening some new terrain themselves.  In addition to the runs they’ve opened this week, you can add 2” of manmade snow with what looks like a packed powder surface.

Down here in North Carolina, Appalachian is holding steady as they did not unleash their guns last night.  Over at Sugar, where the temperature was 42 this morning when I updated the ski report, Sugar Slalom is open today.  Now as you come off of Tom Terrific you have 2 options, bear right to go onto Sugar Slalom or straight on to Upper Flying Mile.  42 degrees under blue skies is about as good as it gets.

Beech Mountain has added about 2” of new snow thanks to their guns.  On a lightly off topic note, the Beech Mountain Parks & Recreation Department has opened the youth sledding hill.  The hill is located near the visitor center and is free for kids 12 and under.

Beech Moutain Youth Sleeding Hill
Bring your own sled or rent/buy nearby

Cataloochee and Ober are not to be left out as they are seeing wonderful riding as well.  I mentioned yesterday that Cataloochee is open to the top with just a few more runs to go before they are 100%.  Ober is looking good on the cams and is operating at 3/4 with Upper Bear.

And Finally, a quick look at the weather shows sunny skies all around with mild temps.  ANOTHER good day to be a Southeast or Mid-Atlantic rider of snow.  The weekend is shaping up to be phenomenal and if you have the chance to get out today or tomorrow do so and you might find that you have more room to roam before the crowds move in.

Take care out there.

Tim Bahlke
Drop me an email at [email protected] to let me know what you think or with suggestions on what we could be doing better.


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