The Last Day of the 2018 Ski & Snowboarding Season in the Southeast is Upon Us.

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Today is Sunday. It’s Easter Sunday. Happy Easter. Chag Sameach to our new fans from Israel who email me a few times a week. You know who you are.

While speaking of Easter – several of you emailed asking me where the pretty cross in the snow was that I shared on Good Friday. In fact a couple of you added that you ‘should know where it is’.

No, that was simply a professional image I purchased that was appropriate for the day. (I think it was from somewhere in Russia. Sorry for the confusion.)

It is also April Fools Day and I’m not even going to attempt the seemingly usual “the resorts have prolonged the season for another week” joke as this season has been crazy and weird enough.

Snowshoe’s fun in graphic form. Click to Enlarge!

Snowshoe and Sugar mountains are the lone resorts still operating on this Easter Sunday. Both will call it quits after today’s day sessions. Both have plenty of things planned for this last day if you’re lucky enough to be in attendance.

Sugar Mountain posted, “Ski or ride with us today and celebrate the final day of the winter season: burning of the snow, live music performed by the Typical Mountain Boys from 4:00-6:00 p.m., camaraderie, and other fun festivities!”

At 8:40am this morning I was watching the live Sugar cam to check out the conditions and the moment it opened I saw two skiers near the base. I didn’t capture the shot in time, so like any decent ‘photographer’ I patiently waited to capture another skier on the snow. As it turned out, the only three people on the mountain at the time were those same guys…and they were each about 20 seconds faster than the preceding one, so here is one capture.

It had to be awesome to have the mountain all to yourself at least this morning at Sugar.

Snowshoe’s rope drop didn’t happen til 9am and it was pretty foggy up top (but clear at the base of the mountain) but here’s a capture from Shavers.


Here’s a nice shot taken on Good Friday showing just how much snow is still at Snowshoe Mountain.

Click to enlarge. Photo was taken by Snowshoe’s peeps on one of those free GoPros they get each season!

Closing Comments…via Cat and Bryce

Cataloochee Ski Area in Maggie Valley and Bryce Resort in Virginia made yesterday their last day. I always enjoy Tammy Brown’s comments and on Saturday afternoon she posted, “And It’s Over! Last day of a great season and we are now closed after 128 great days of skiing and riding! Have a great summer! #thinkwinter”

I agree with all except the “#thinkwinter” part. I’m thinking Summer now.

Photo by Bill Nabers of Bryce. Click to Enlarge

Bill Naber, who does ski patrol up at Bryce Resort in Virginia (and who does a better job of keeping us informed than the resort does) posted, “We made it. Lots of first time skiers taking lessons. Some folks on Bootlegger. A bunch more hunting Easter eggs in front of the lodge. Good time for all. We had to use the double (Lift #2) because we lost snow from lift #1 (quad) to lift 2 where Bootlegger starts.

For photo I tried to line up skiers, planes landing and golfers. They would not all happen at same time. But photo was still nice.”

That will do it for this last day of the season. I’ll be posting some closing comments and put the wraps on this season shortly.

Stay tuned.

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