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The last few years it’s been EASY to keep everyone happy with our forecasts and ski reports. What’s NOT to like about constant snow, consistently great ski conditions and more. Last season we had 100+ days with snow on the GROUND and ski conditions that were pristine almost all season long. Resort operators loved us, you guys loved us…the media loved us. That’s the EASY times.

Now fast forward to NOW. This is the time that we EARN your trust. The ski areas will understandably put their best face on…both on and off the slopes. They will certainly groom away as many places that aren’t pretty and white as possible and they will report the positive. This is when we count on our On-Snow Reporters to tell it like it is…and this is when YOU count on us to relay that most accurate information possible.

This morning only Ski Beech in North Carolina and Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia are reporting Bare Spots. However, THEY ALL have them, with the possible exception of Appalachian, which is small enough to cover them up. All ski areas will have thin coverage areas and bare spots and more WILL develop in high traffic areas…and moreso as the next week goes on. You can count on us to tell you how it is and let YOU make a decision as to whether or not you want to spend your money. When can hope that ALL ski areas will appreciate the job we do…and the cold and snow WILL return.


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