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Here we are in mid-September and it is amazing to see the daily visits that we are already getting as well as the emails that are already beginning to come in. Seems that everyone is anticipating a great 2005-2006 season. We have plans to kick start the SkiNC and SkiSoutheast.com content towards the end of this month and that will be the earliest that we have ever debuted new content. I guess it’s a good sign to see so many people interested in skiing in the Southeast!

We’re not quite ready to begin posting daily articles, but we thought that we would at least answer a couple of questions that have been among the most frequently asked thus far.

First, there will be NO SKIING in the state of Georgia this season. Several people have written asking about the status of Sky Valley Resort and rumors have been flying! Last year new owners came in and there was some talk (even among the new owners)about upgrading the slopes, etc. However, they made the decision to close the ski operations last season and they will not be skiing at Sky Valley again…ever…and that is the word from the people at Sky Valley. Hopefully that will stop those rumors in the tracks.

The Best Way To Get In Shape For Skiing? We have some content on the website about tuning up your equipment as well as tuning up your body. The best exercise is one that will work the legs (particularly above the knees / hamstrings and thighs) and the heart. If your legs and cardio aren’t in decent shape you’ll know it towards the end of your second or third run down the mountain! To avoid those cramping leg burns, etc… get in shape! Hiking is great. Deep knee bends or lunges are great as well. NOW is the time to begin. We’re only about eight weeks away from the first tracks down our favorite trails and you don’t want to be bothered by muscle pulls and cramps.

A couple people asked me what my PERSONAL favorite workout was. Oh I could be crude but I won’t…and I don’t think that watching college football counts. Seriously though, I run a mile or so four to five days a week and that helps. However you have to do more to get the BIG muscle groups in your legs working. Hiking the mountains of North Carolina is great for that. If you have a nice, steep hill close to you – simply walk up and down that about 10-20 times and do that three to four days a week and that will get you ready for ski season…in a heartbeat (PUN INTENDED!).

It’s funny but we have received numerous photos over the years from some of you who have gotten the early-season-fever to ski and snowboard. We’ve seen some cool pics with people clicked into their skis across living room tables etc. If you have some images you’d like to share with us…send them on and we’ll post the better ones!

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