It’s Still Snowing!

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There’s a lot to cover today so be sure to read the full story! First, it’s still snowing, but with gusting winds it’s hard to get a perfect read on how much snow we’ve received. Most areas around the NC ski areas have reported 2" of new snow overnight and we have some scattered reports of 4" around the Tennessee line. Snow is expected to continue with another 1" or so locally and 1" to 2" on mountaintops.

Ski Beech Opens! Ski Beech joined the ranks of resorts that are open today with 5 trails to the top! Others will follow shortly with near perfect snowmaking opportunities for several days in a row ahead.

Remember that you can click on Road Contitions to see what the DOTs say. We have snow cover on all roads but traffic is moving smoothly as of this writing. We’ll update throughout the day as needed.

The weather is COLD and WINDY today with highs expected to stay in the 20s and lows around 14° tonight. If you are planning a ski trip for this weekend, it will be NEAR PERFECT for you. Here’s the latest:

Today – Hi 24 Lo 14 – Mostly Cloudy, Snow, Windy
Wed – Hi 33 Lo 14 – Clear and Cold, Less Wind
Thurs – Hi 45 Lo 24 – Clear
Friday – Hi 43 Lo 26 – Partly Cloudy, Flurries at Night
Saturday – Hi 35 Lo 22 – Partly Cloudy
Sunday – Hi 32 Lo 20 – Mostly Cloudy – PM Snow
Monday – Hi 25 Lo 10 – SNOW

As you can see it will be cold and getting colder as the week goes on and with plenty of snowmaking ops it will be fantastic conditions at your favorite resort.

Answering a question or two We’ve had some people ask us about Photos of the Day. The photos showing on the front page are cropped versions of the FULL SIZE PHOTOS that you will find by clicking on "Popular Links" and then Photo of the Day.

Also, several people have asked us for snowtotals this season and we have responded! Notice on the new Ski Report that we are keeping tabs on snow totals at all 20 resorts that we cover.

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