It’s No April Fool’s Day Joke – Ski Season Ends Today, April 1st, 2007

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Well snow sports fans, this is the last day of the ski and snowboard season for the 2006-2007 season as the final four ski areas that remain open – will end their season today. Saturday turned out to be a rather nice day at least at Appalachian in Blowing Rock as no rain fell. We are already seeing some light rain and misty fog conditions across the entire Southeast and Mid Atlantic region, so conditions for this last day of the season will not be one of the better closing days in recent years.

We often commented that most of the ski areas close up around the end of March, not due to a lack of snow, but a lack of skiers and riders. Well that’s not quite the case THIS season as the four remaining ski areas that ARE open for this final day, would not be able to make it much further with the amount of snow that they have. All four are reporting minimum bases in the 6-12” range with thin coverage and bare spots. There is ample terrain to ski on today and although it will be a bit wet on this final day, you can be among the few to say you skied on the last day of the season. If you ski or ride today, drop us a photo or two. If you were among those who skied on the first AND last day of the season, we’d like to hear from you as well. Let us know where you opened and closed the season out. Drop us an email or photos to [email protected]  

It looks like the entire Southeast is looking at 70-80% chances of rain, showers and even a thunderstorm or two today, so be careful, have a great last day and we’ll be seeing you!

We do have a huge announcement to make, but before I do, Appalachian Ski Mountain has provided the only newsworthy update for this last day. They wrote, “Due to the recent warm temperatures, Appalachian Ski Mtn. will not feature the Pond Skim as a Meltdown Games event today. All other events are still on a regular schedule, weather permitting. Don’t Miss Out!”


After eleven years and approximately 1400 daily stories, snow reports and perhaps some 15,000 photo posts – I am calling it quits. For those of you who I have grown close to and now call friends, I really have enjoyed working with you and appreciate all you have done to make my job easier. To all of the Trip Reporters (what we once called On-Snow Reporters) – Thanks tons for all of the great reports, photos and videos. Without you this website would have been far less effective. To the messageboard crew – MAN you guys made things rocky at times, but contrary to what many said along the way, your input also made this website more entertaining.

Those closest to me know that I have hinted at selling the twin Ski Websites to someone to carry the torch, but I’ve not ran across anyone that I’d feel comfortable passing it to. If you’re out there and interested, drop me an email and we can talk. However, absent of finding that person or persons, I will be ending the day to day operations of SkiNC and effective over the next couple of weeks. My plans are to take down the ability to post daily content, stories, reports and such, as well as the photos, etc and simply put up some standard content like you often see on most ski promotional websites. We’ll point the slope conditions page to the Southeastern Ski Areas Association page (which is rarely accurate, but is at least CLOSE).

Thanks again to all of you who have visited and emailed me over the last decade. That’s it. That’s my huge announcement. If you have a comment – drop me an email to [email protected] …and also CLICK HERE TO SEE ONE LAST PHOTO OF THE DAY! 


If you have followed this website over the years, you know that we have pulled some pretty decent April Fool’s pranks. One year we spent an entire article talking about an amazing, fluke snowstorm that fell across the region. We talked about how the resorts that were closed had reopened, and extended their season. If you want to see how we’re going to end today’s story, click here! 

Send comments and emails to: [email protected]  


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