It’s Cold and 1-3 Inches of Snow is on the Way!! Conditions are AWESOME!

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Hello! It’s Wednesday and baby it is COLD OUTSIDE. This is one of the coldest mornings I can remember in quite awhile. Temperatures across the North Carolina ski areas are much colder than they have been in several days and snowmaking ops are fired up at almost all ski areas! I know I have said it before but it never ceases to amaze me how quickly the weather can change in a mountain environment. It might snow today but tomorrow it wouldn’t be completely absurd to see temperatures in the 50’s or higher. It just comes with the territory I suppose.

Speaking of the changing weather….

There’s a winter system headed this way that we’ve been talking about all week. This will be the second system since the beginning of the week and while it won’t bring significant snowfall we will see a few inches. This storm is headed our way from the southern plains where it’s going to cause problems from Little Rock, Arkansas to Memphis, Tennessee. This storm will creep into the western North Carolina mountains tonight and into tomorrow. This forecast shows about 1-3 inches for the North Carolina ski areas. Ray predicts even a little less with 1-2 inches for most of mountain region. We’ll take it!

One thing is for certain for the next couple of days, COLD temperatures are here to stay. Tonight through Friday will definitely be cold enough for snowmaking crews to keep the guns going. This weekend things will start to warm up significantly. On Sunday Ray is predicting a high of 59! When’s the last time it was that warm? The National weather service is also forecasting much warmer temperatures starting this weekend….

Weather and temperatures and forecasts aside, conditions will be excellent through this weekend and beyond! This is the perfect time to get out there and ski with little to no lift lines, tons of untouched groomers, and cheaper lift ticket prices. Snowmaking all week will mean awesome first tracks and killer conditions throughout the day. If you’re hesitating about getting out there to make some turns, DON’T.


So…the snow and ice that we’ve been seeing all winter and that has left major cities across the country cripple for several days throughout the season has also had a major effect on things outside the ski industry. Check this out…

Severe winter weather nationwide has drastically affected the nation’s blood supply! The American Red Cross reported that at the end of January blood levels for this time of year were at a 10 year low! The endless snowstorms have cancelled more than 750 blood drives since January 1st, alone!! As a result of these cancellations the American Red Cross is at a shortage of 28,000 blood at platelet donations and the Red Cross is appealing to all capable donors to sign up at a local blood drive!! According to the organization 41,000 blood donations are needed each day and one pint of blood can save up to three lives!! All types of blood are needed but there’s an urgency for the rarest blood types like O-Negative, A-Negative, and B-Negative.

I have been a blood donor since I was eligible in high school, and I had no idea that the country was in such short supply of this life sustaining liquid. If you’re healthy and able to donate, I’d like to urge you to find a blood drive and donate. It takes up very little of your time and can save more lives than you would even imagine. With the warmer weather we have approaching there should be nothing standing in your way of getting out there and giving. A pint of blood could mean the difference between life and death!! It’s easy, people!

Let’s take a look around – there are a few additional closings and updates for today…

Appalachian Ski Mountain – 12°- Open today on 10 of 12 slopes and trails. AppalJack and Candied Appal remain closed today for concentrated snowmaking. Terrain Park Update: AppalTop – Small table, roller, 16′ Flat Box, 12′ Juice Box and AppalJam – 30′ RG Rainbow Rail/Hip Combo, 21′ Corrugated Tube, Medium Table, Medium Table/Barrel Bonk.

Beech Mountain – 13.3° – 100% open with snowmaking in progress in varying locations. Conditions are excellent and Beech is gearing up for College Fest this weekend!

Cataloochee – 17.1°- Great conditions continue at Cataloochee. Snowmaking is in progress and took place through the overnight!

Sugar Mountain – 17°- There website doesn’t indicate that they are making snow this morning but it’s likely they made snow overnight. Conditions at Sugar should be awesome all day!

Wolf Ridge Resort – 19°- Open today on 13 of 23 slopes and trails. Snowmaking is in progress and more terrain will be opening up Friday afternoon through the weekend. Tonight is Ladies Night Out so for only $17 you ladies can get a lift ticket for the evening session!

That’s it for today folks…hopefully tomorrow morning we’ll have some more snow on the ground!!!


Feel free to email me directly at [email protected] with any questions, comments, photos or videos!!

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