I HAD A DREAM! It’s a slow news day…kinda.

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No REALLY, I did! My wife occasionally thinks I’m crazy when I wake up telling her that I’ve had some idea of how to make money or something related. One such dream came true and it’s how I’m making my living these days, so don’t laugh…or snicker. Like most people, I could rarely relate one second of any dream that I had despite the fact that experts say we all dream every night. This morning though I woke up and didn’t say a word about the dream that seemed to last all night long. This particular dream was kind of crazy. But what the heck, there are those out there in ski-southeast-land who think I’m bonkers anyway so here goes.

My dream begins with the fact that I’m doing what I’m doing right now…posting this morning’s story. Not any other morning’s post. This mornings… I was relating the fact that more ski areas have now called it quits for the season and yet there was all that snow still covering their slopes and trails. Then I remembered several years back when Snowshoe Mountain trucked a couple of tons of snow down to some remote location for a portable rail jam of sorts. (In my dream it was Charleston, WV but that could be wrong.) Anyway, the next thing I know we’re organizing a massive snow-transfer campaign to take all of the snow from the closed resorts and trucking it to the mountains that are still open.

As if that wasn’t crazy enough, here’s where the dream got crazier. Suddenly I must have flashed back to my Star Trek days. No, I was never a trekkie, but I rarely missed the show when it came on in syndication every weekday. I dreamed that somehow we had enough dilithium crystals and Scotty was giving us all the power she’s got and we were teleporting all the snow from closed resorts to open ones.

I said it was crazy…

Then somehow my dream turned darker and more political. I’ll admit that I need to get out more. However, the next thing I know whatever was controlling my dream sequence must have put a screeching halt to this elaborate and fanciful idea and brought me back to something closer to reality. The next thing I know I’m seeing caravans of HUGE dumptrucks like those that are moving mountains down on Hwy 321 between Boone and Lenior. However these huge trucks were carrying snow. Since Appalachian Ski Mountain is OPEN, I guess they were coming up the mountain. That part was kind of hazy and I’m typing as fast as I can because the dream is getting hazier.

Anyway, then my dream turns political. Yes, really.

Next thing I know I’m seeing WHO got all of the snow OFF the closed resorts and into the trucks. AMIGOS. That’s the more friendly term that some ski areas give to Mexicans that they hire to man positions that they have trouble getting Americans to do.

I told you my dream turned political. But let me finish…

In my dream I started thinking, "How are we going to finance this crazy idea of transferring all this snow from one place to another?" Then it hit me. Don’t worry about it cause President Obama has it all figured out. We don’t HAVE to finance it. He’ll just make it happen. Nothing has to make financial sense anymore. This will create jobs…and besides, the next step in his agenda is to forgive all of those who are in this country illegally. So he’ll be able to deliver on the promise of creating jobs. INSTANTLY, we’ll have all of the illegal immigrants working legally so Voilà more "Americans" are working! Mission accomplished. Woohoo!

In my dream I’m typing feverishly making sure to get all of this down so that I won’t forget any part of it.

Then I woke up…

I came upstairs like I do every weekend morning; hopped on my laptop and took up where my dream left off…typing feverishly to make sure I got it all down before the morning haziness cleared.

Once done typing I wondered if it warranted posting. So I read it to my wife and ten year old. They laughed so it stays.  Besides there’s not a lot to write about today other than to relate more season closures.

For those readers with nothing better to do than worry that I’m using this portal as some political soapbox, get over yourself. Go ahead and write me that you’ll never read the website again. We’ll miss the two of you.

It isn’t about THAT at all. I guess the reason I posted it was as a testament that those of us who love skiing and riding here in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic…can’t get enough of it…even in our dreams…

For those that think my ONE line of commentary about Mexicans staffing ski area positions is a blast against that practice. Nope, you’re wrong. First of all MOST of the ski areas in our region don’t hire illegal immigrants. Second, they won’t be illegal much longer thanks to the current residents in the White House. Third, those ski areas that DO hire them run job fares prior to every ski season and very few people come forward wanting to hold lift chairs for people.

Okay…I TOLD you it was crazy…but it’s Sunday. It’s wet. More resorts are closed. Less people are reading this today, so there’s less people to offend.

So there.

Here are some notables:

Wisp Resort’s Ski Ops…

Lori Epp wrote, "Hey Mike, just wanted to clarify Wisp’s spring operation:

Skiing & Snowboarding
–Sat, March 27: 9am – 9pm
–Sun, March 28: 9am – 5pm
–Closed Monday, March 29 thru Friday, April 2 for skiing.
–Last weekend of ski operation is Sat & Sun, April 3 & 4 from 9am – 5pm both days

Snow Tubing, Mountain Coaster & Ice Skating
–Saturday, March 27: 11am – 8pm
–Sunday, March 28: Sunday 11am – 5pm
–Monday, March 29 thru Friday April 2: 5pm – 9pm for $5 per activity
–Saturday, April 3: 11am – 7pm
— Sunday, April 4: 11am – 4pm

Thanks & have a super day!"

Winterplace Resort is doing it ONE MORE DAY TODAY. We had previously posted their wording that they were closing last Sunday…then we were corrected that they were open through today. Then this past week they posted that they were closing on the 27th – which was yesterday…and we posted that…and now they’re open today.

Communication breakdown somewhere….

Anyway THEY ARE OPEN today for their last day for their Grand Finale Day and Pond Skimming Championships. That’s apropo since it will be a wet day today. They have 26 of 28 trails open for today and tubing as well. They will be closing for the season later today.

…until they show up open on Monday.

Just kidding. I think we’re all on the same page this time.

Ober Gatlinburg will call it quits after skiing sessions today. They’re offering $5 skiing and riding today.

Sugar’s last day of the season is today. They will ski and ride til 4:30pm and close for the season. I think that they look in better shape this morning than on any closing day that I can think of in recent years. Great year Sugar…

Massanutten will also call it quits for the season at 4:30pm today. They dropped 2 slopes from those open – for the first time since nearly opening day. They ride on 12 of 14 trails for today and they still have 5 tubing lanes open as well.


Whatttttt?!?! Another ski area that had an incredible season! Great to hear.

Timberline Resort will close after day sessions Sunday.

We’re on day 122 and there are 15 more days of opportunities to enjoy the snow for the 2009-2010 ski and snowboarding season!

Go enjoy the snow! Check out the Snow Report at https://www.skisoutheast.com/skireports.php  and please send us your favorite ski photos, ski videos, trip reports and comments to [email protected]  

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