How is it that EVERY THING ELSE affecting our weather can be a cycle, but Global Warming is here to stay??!!!

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I have posted very non scientific comments and data as to our take on the Global Warming scenario over the past few months and we even posted an unscientific poll asking our visitors for their input on the subject. That poll has pulled 1,335 votes thus far and 64.49% of people (861 votes) say that Global Warming is bogus, and 35.51% (472 votes) say it’s real. My unscientific commentaries are simply observations that I have tried to express using my unscientific logic.

It’s been a month or so since I posted anything about the subject but evidently due to the increase in traffic due to the snow and cold, we’ve had more of you reading back over archived content and I’ve received some more recent responses to my stories.

Since I have been so unfair to "the other side" I thought that we’d take a moment and provide some promotion for those that are using SCIENCE to EDUCATE those of us (who make up the majority) who are simply vastly more ignorant, stupid and unintelligent about these things. Before I get to that "science" I want to share one additional observation that I JUST read on the National Weather Service’s website. Bear in mind that most weather organizations tend to be very liberal and in total support of the fact that in one way or another we puny humans are killing our planet and they provide all sorts of new computer models and research data that says that we’ll all be facing catastrophic conditions within a short time.

With that in mind, I found it very interesting when I read THIS MORNING on the NWS website. They report the following:

…Sunspot is Harbinger of New Solar Cycle…

A new 11-year cycle of heightened solar activity is on its way, bringing with it increased risks for power grids, critical military, civilian and airline communications, GPS signals, and even cell phones and ATM transaction failures.

The story goes into IMPRESSIVE depth about how we can expect everything from power grids to shut down, cell phones to drop connections (you think!), airline communication outages (ouch!) and more…from an ELEVEN YEAR CYCLE which promises to bring increased sunspot activities from a ball of fire located more than 93,000,000 miles away from us. Another very telling statement within their own report states, "Our growing dependence on highly sophisticated, space-based technologies means we are far more vulnerable to space weather today than in the past,” said Vice Admiral Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr., under secretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere and NOAA administrator.

Translation, EVEN SPACE WEATHER affects our planet…and according to THEM, the weather in space will be affected by what they are reporting as an 11 year C-Y-C-L-E. So they are saying that for the next eleven years a cycle of increased solar activity will have an affect on the Earth.

How is it that THIS situation could be a CYCLE, and yet Global Warming is here to stay? Just a question.

Now for the other side’s arguments. I post these to truly attempt to self-educate yours truly and the rest of us misguided, illogical souls. Here we go:

Names are abbreviated unless we received written authorization to use.

Steph B wrote, "Just several days ago a new report was released on the horrific rate at which the polar ice caps are melting, which could be gone by year 2012 now."

I want to go on record to say that I’ll bet my next year’s paycheck against Steph’s grant money that there will be plenty of solar ice caps around in 2012 and beyond. Wanna bet Steph?

Steph and evidently a friend (James A.) who pasted the same text to me wrote, "We will see much higher temps in regions of the world that never before experienced, thus causing more deaths (like in france several years ago – but oh, i forgot, republicans like yourself don’t like the french, that part doesn’t count). We will see ocean just disappear due to their food chain being interupted due to changing currents. Adaptation to this chhange will be too slow to keep up with the rate of change taking place, so there will be mass extinction on our oceans. And although you do not want to accept it because you do not believe in science, does not mean it is not happening. Fortunately, I am fairly optimistic, that idiots like yourself are in an extreme minority. So you go on listening to Neil Bortz claming this is a left wing conspiracy all day long while the rest of the thinking people figure out a way to save the planet."

Wow guys, that was very well written! Let’s see, first the oceans will "just disappear". (Put me down for another $50,000 on that bet.) Also SOMEHOW even though oceans will disappear, there will be mass extinction in our oceans. WHAT OCEANS? They disappeared!

I like the part that I AM THE IDIOT and that I am in the minority. I don’t think so. My very unscientiful poll says you are. Additionally I have spoken with MANY forestry experts, climatologists and meteorologists who all say that although we SHOULD do a better job of keeping our planet clean, the weather we experience is not anything more than a cycle.

Steph B (who IS this guy?) and a young lady (Janie w.) wrote comments that were so similar that I decide to COMBINE their comments to me, "Hey idiot, how is it going today? World still flat? Still driving your HUGE SUV? Is the earth the center of the universe? Perhaps you should go joing the new inqusition and start burning people who dare challenege conventional thinking and explore other possibilities?"

Steph also singularly wrote, "I wasn’t going to send another email to you but I saw some of your quotes and responses to them. I slays me when twits like you, when you have no argument and legs to stand on (and why is it ALWAYS republicans that do this?) that you resort to being a grammar cop? "Gee, look at me, I can pick out grammar and spelling errors" (because I have no f—– brain to think with or facts to back up my argument). Wake the f—- up dude. Crawl out of the republican &^%$$, stop suckling on the teet of conservatism, and start using the brain your god gave you, as a thinking tool. Otherwise, you are just wasting space."

Guys, I don’t know where to start. Actually I do. First my GOD has a capital "g" on it. Second some of your comments such as "the world being flat, etc" were ACTUALLY stated as SCIENTIFIC FACT at one point in history. Thousands of scientist gathered at one location eons ago and all agreed that it was flat AND that the earth WAS the center of the universe. The rest of us didn’t care, but SCIENTIST told us these facts. Ummmm, they were WRONG then and they are wrong now.

Yes, I am still driving my big old Ford Expedition and love the smooth ride and luxury that it affords me and my kids and we burn the cheapest gas in the world thanks to the wonderful country that we live in. By the way, there are actually new studies that are reporting that many of the current crop of hybrid owners mistakenly believe that they are not impacting the environment with their choice of auto. The problem is not in what type of exhaust is emitted or how much gas they use but in what happens when that massive, toxic battery wears out or is damaged in an accident. It is actually better on the planet to get a non-hybrid, small 4-cylinder that is rated as SLEV or ULEV than it is to get a hybrid!

Tim D wrote, "I can’t support anyone’s comments when they don’t believe in evolution. You’re another blind follower of old school info and your take on Global Warming is comical. I personally think that you may be pulling our chains because you can’t be serious, right?"

First of all Tim, how do you know my beliefs on evolution? I actually DO believe that SOME of our people DID come from monkeys. How else can you explain away the kind of lack of intelligence it takes to believe anything you’re taught under the guise of higher education? Not ALL that you have been taught is based on fact. SOME of it has been based on theory. Personally I KNOW that I didn’t come from a monkey, but I’d agree that YOU probably did. …and Yes, Tim, I am serious in my belief that the weather pattern that we are experiencing is indeed a cycle that will change and then you’ll be able to jump on THE NEXT bandwagon and support Global Cooling and what we’ll all need to do to fix that one. It WILL be our fault that everyone is freezing to death!

One cool byproduct of that scenario will be all of the new ski areas that will opening in Florida! Can’t WAIT to drive my big old Expedition down there.

Cindy Y. wrote, "You’re an idiot. Can’t you feel things warming up? By the way, I’m 5’9", blonde and beautiful."

Cindy I am a happily married man, but I HAVE to admit I DID, I REALLY DID feel things warming up! You’ve convinced me that I am indeed an idiot. However I still think you gloom and doomers are wrong. I AM an idiot, but on this I AND THE MAJORITY of logical thinking Americans are correct when we say that a colder cycle will come and all of this Global Warming talk will go away.

In the meantime, Cindy, could you send me a photo! Just kidding Darlene.

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