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You’ll notice that we DROPPED TIMBERLINE RESORT from our daily ski reports because we could not get them to update us daily. There own website stays one to two days behind and without timely reports, we just can’t advise you guys to go there. We’ll look to possibly add them back sometime in the future if we can get accurate and timely reports. We are sorry for those of you who have asked us repeatedly to add them to our listings and content.

We have been STAYING ON our efforts to get all of the resorts to report accurate and timely conditions reports and there has been some great cooperation. However, this morning Sugar Mountain is the only resort in North Carolina that is reporting Thin Coverage and Bare Spots. Most, but not all of the resorts in Virginia and West Virginia are reporting thin coverage and bare spots as well. The fact is you guys will certainly see thin coverage areas wherever you go on Saturday…but things ARE VASTLY better today and will continue to get better with tons of snowmaking!

The consensus this morning is that the images that you will see on the Live Cameras are night and day different from what you saw yesterday! It is amazing what the talented snowmakers of the Southeast’s resorts can do with adequate temperatures. In fact, I was talking with someone yesterday and I made a quick statement that the snowmakers of the southeast are probably the BEST at snowmaking in the entire country. While that may SOUND like a bold statement…it is PROBABLY TRUE because unlike many areas around the country…OUR snowmakers HAVE to be better since our weather is more unpredictable and with less natural snow than areas further north and west. Regardless, guys WE ALL APPRECIATE YOUR EFFORTS. Those cold nights when you guys are braving the cold, blustery winds, wet and frozen fingers, aching bodies and more…IS APPRECIATED BY US! Thanks.

Snowmaking is the word for today as ALL resorts made snow overnight…

Snowshoe Mountain – Snowmaking is the word for today and lots of it. At 7am this morning there were 255 snowguns operating at the Snowshoe and Silver Creek areas, along with the Western Territory. The two inches of natural snow was nice yesterday, but the colder temperatures helped Mountain Operations even more.

They have more than 30 trails open for the holiday weekend. That number will climb quickly with the planned aggressive snowmaking. The difference between earlier this week and now is unbelievable.

There are still thin areas and bare spots and changing conditions throughout the day. Ski Patrol advises to be aware of the conditions when skiing or riding.

Wintergreen Resort – Open 9 am – 11 pm. Dobie will open at some time during the day, but not in the morning. Highlands is expected to open Sunday and the Plunge tubing park. Sunrise and Tequila will open during the week.

Cataloochee Added 6" to 10" of base to their slopes overnight!

Ski Beech – Has 4 trails open and although they ARE open from the top…it is with Upper and Lower White Lightning. Very unusual indeed.

WEATHER REPORTING FOR POINTS NORTH – We’ve received some emails from you guys in Virginia and West Virginia thanking us for adding more content up that way…and a few also admonished us for reporting weather data that was tweaked too low for what you are experiencing up there.

We are working on a solution that will offer us the capability to report and show forecasting for ALL resort areas and we will try to begin implementing that new feature within this next week. We have tried to use Snowshoe’s data and forecast as a barometer of what to expect up that way, however we have been seeing about 8-10° difference in what AccuWeather is forecasting FROM WHAT ACTUALLY happens at Snowshoe. For example, their forecast for last night’s low was 4° and Snowshoe is reporting 14° at 7am. We have monitored this for a few days and see the same trends across the board…so Accuweather isn’t getting us where we want to be up that way. Yesterday Accuweather was forecasting a low tonight of minus 2 degrees and today’s forecast is showing a low of 11° is expected. We’ll keep monitoring it and we pledge to you that we WILL be implementing a program that will actually serve you guys with the ACTUAL data from every mountain possible…along with five day forecasts that you can depend on from each. It will take us some time…as we will probably implement them one at a time…as we can get each resort to cooperate…but just know that we’re on it.

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