Heavy Snow is Falling this Afternoon! Drive with Care!

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It’s 8:30pm Friday evening and I just had to report in with the fact that it puking snow right now here in the mountains. We’re getting reports of moderate to heavy snowfall across much of the region!

Several inches of snow has fallen this afternoon and evening (we’ll get some official numbers in the AM) however another 3" or so of snow if forecasted for Friday nigth and perhaps another 2" or so is in the forecast for Saturday with potentially more accumulating snows at the higher elevations.

The National Weather Service has issued HEAVY SNOW WARNINGS for the higher elevations of the Western North Carolina mountains with as much as a foot of snow forecasted for the highest elevations along the Tennessee border.

The NWS is also forecasting up to a foot or more of snow into the snow-prone areas of West Virginia and Wisp through Saturday evening.

Snowcovered roads can be expected at least through the next 24 hour period beginning 7:30pm Friday night. Major highways should be okay as road crews are really working them, however 4WD or chains should be used if at all possible. Secondary roads should be traveled with caution and only with 4WD.

Bear in mind that potentially HEAVIER SNOW (believe it or not) is in the forecast for Monday through Tuesday of next week as a Nor’easter is taking shape. So be prepared for snow! The DOT crews of our mountain communities do a GREAT job of keeping the main roads semi-clear so come on up and enjoy the snow!

We’ve already heard several television weather and newscasters warning people to stay off the roads as they are treacherous, etc, etc. If you’re planning to hit the ski areas this weekend – THIS IS WHY YOU GO, RIGHT?!?! You WANT to see snow and boys and girls do we have it! Conditions should be awesome.

Winterfest is happening at Beech Mountain tomorrow with the Cardboard Box Derby and Bathing Beauty Contest. Lots of other fun is planned as well! All of the ski areas will be in awesome shape and we posted a great deal for Snowshoe lodging on the announcements column (front page).

So come on up! Use your head and drive safe. Check the road conditions links as well.


NOTE: Around 6pm Friday evening we were driving Shull’s Mill Road between Blowing Rock and Boone and came up on a Jeep that had just flipped off the road, down a steep slope and came to rest nearly upside down. Three people were trapped in the vehicle which had numerous spanish speaking (only) people in it. They were all frantically running around the vehicle as a few of us ran to the scene and worked to free one fellow and then a 72 year old woman from the car. One young teen was trapped with her head awkwardly pinned beneath something that had bent up inside the vehicle. We kept her stable for a short eternity until the rescue peeps arrived and she was freed and transported (along with a couple of the other passengers) to the hospital.

I cannot urge travelers enough to drive with caution and if you’re going to travel secondary or mountainous roads PLEASE carry blankets, flashlights and some basic essentials in case of such an emergency. You cannot imagine how stressful the accident above was for the participants as they had no coats, no protection from the frigid temps and no flashlights or anything to have attempted to get to the injured, etc. If we had not come along they would have had a very much tougher time. They had no means of calling 911, nada, cero!

If you’re heading to the ski areas, the roads are PLENTY FINE…but use common sense and stay on the main highways and roadways if possible and if not, be sure that you use caution, and if possible have a 4WD, good tires and carry some basics such as coats, blankets, etc. The snow is AWESOME and much more enjoyable when you make it safely to your lodging or the resorts themselves!

We’ll update the snow totals in the AM and we have plans to be at Beech Mountain in time to film some of the fun.

Email me at [email protected]  and tell me about the snow in your area. Send pics when you can!

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