Halloween Skiing at Cataloochee – Crazy Isn’t It!?!?!

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We FINALLY got the new server tweaked and running like a Maserati! There were some bugs that made some of our programming run like newbie skier on Sugar Mountain’s Boulder Dash. Those tweaks kept us from posting earlier this morning – the fact that Cataloochee Ski Area is offering something rather extraordinary and unusual – Halloween skiing and snowboarding.

Here’ Cat’s Snow Report – shared as is:

Well this is a first – Happy Halloween and thank you for calling the Cataloochee Snow Report for Friday, October 31. The time is 8pm on Thursday evening, the temperature is 35 degrees and we plan on making snow this evening if temperatures permit. In honor of being able to be open on All Hallows Eve, all ghostly ghouls and goblins dressed in costume will get a regular adult lift ticket for the junior rate! And that’s no trick!

On Friday, we will be skiing on two beginner slopes only, Beginners Easy Way and Beginners Rabbit Hill serviced by the Easy Way Triple Chairlift on a base of 10-12” and a machine made surface. The mailbox, flat rail and a couple of play barrels will be on the hill as well.

On Friday, we will offer two sessions of skiing, twilight skiing from 1pm until 10pm and night skiing from 6pm until 10pm with an afternoon half day rate also available. Weekday and student rates will be in effect now through Sunday. Please remember we are in our early season operating hours and will twilight and night ski today and Friday from 1pm until 10pm and day ski only on Saturday, November 1 and Sunday, November 2 from 8:30am – 4:30pm.

Please be aware that due to such an early opening, there will be no food or beverage service here at the area this week and please come prepared.

Also please note our upcoming hours of operation. We will not operate Monday through Friday, November 3 through November 7 and will make a decision by Thursday, November 6 if we will reopen on Saturday, November 8 based on snowmaking opportunities during the upcoming week. Please check back with us by noon on Thursday the 6th for an update.

Don’t forget anyone dressed in costume will get the junior lift ticket rate as well as earn the right to say they went skiing and riding on Halloween in Western North Carolina – a first for all of us!

We remind you to be aware of changing ski conditions and use caution. Natural and manmade obstacles exist and snowmaking and grooming activities are routinely in progress. Please use control and ski or ride only on designated slopes and trails and please call this number anytime for current skiing conditions.

For our complete brochure right at your fingertips, look for us on the web at www.Cataloochee.com that’s Cataloochee or at www.kidsskifree.com and as always we do thank you for calling and look forward to seeing you on the slopes of Cataloochee this season.

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