Great Conditions Today Through the Weekend!

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I am keeping this morning’s update short and sweet because I am heading over to Sugar Mountain to enjoy the day skiing with a bunch of area school kids that Sugar is playing host to.

How cool is that? Children growing up around ski areas don’t realize how great they’ve got it. Area schools schedule annual trips to the local ski resorts just to make sure that they get a chance to enjoy them. While a TON of local kids DO, surprisely many only hit thei local resorts on these annual gatherings.

Conditions will be phenomenal no matter where YOU may be heading to ski or ride today…so get out and enjoy the aftermath of all of the snow that hit the region over the last couple of days. In case you just woke up from a weeklong nap, up to a foot of snow fell across the region in the last couple of days and massive snowmaking occurred as well. That sweet combination should make for excellent conditions for today through the weekend.


We have had a few more email and confirmations that more are coming and I will try to update the website later this evening. Right now it looks like we have around 75-80 people coming! YOU should join us.

IF YOU’RE HEADING TO SUGAR TODAY…look us up. I’ll be wearing all black, SkiNC Hoodie and skiing on Atomics. (There will be a fair number of kids with SkiNC wear as well…as I know a lot of the kids that ski with us regularly and over the years MANY have picked up hoodies, shirts, etc.


MAN I wish I had more time today to do a full story on the latest news COMING FROM SCIENTISTS who are now jumping on the bandwagon to disclaim global warming. We’ve been preaching the "cycle" thing for a while (as have thousands of others) but a lot of people JUST WANTED TO BELIEVE that we silly little humans could really effect the weather.

I’m going to elaborate later (you know I have to) but to quickly share small tidbits of the latest news:

Dr. Joanne Simpson of NASA was quoted yesterday as saying something that is VERY, VERY TELLING! She said, “Since I am no longer affiliated with any organization nor receive any funding, I can speak quite frankly."

…and then she did. I’ll elaborate later…but suffice to say that what she shared was that for more than a decade earth scientists have been making claims that are based on flawed data and computer models that have flawed data input into them.

What I think is the BIGGEST news that she shared and what many news agencies seem to be overlooking is the part of her statement that says, "Since I am no longer affiliated with any organization nor receive any funding, I can speak quite frankly."



I am so giddy, I hardly know what to share next. Let’s see…how about the fact that the United States is experiencing THE LARGEST SNOW COVER in the last 50 years! How about that for Global Warming?

Here’s another one. Scientists are now saying that this winter has seen the LARGEST SINGLE DROP IN WORLDWIDE TEMPERATURES from ALL FOUR WORLDWIDE MEASURING STATIONS such that this single largest drop in temps wipes out ALL of the supposed global warming data for the last 100 years!

THERE’S MORE! Scientists are saying that polar ice packs are growing!  All of this while President Bush is still the Prez! Way to go Mr. Bush! (All of the bad things that have happened in the last 8 years are his fault, so I thought the least we can do is give him some credit for this. I KNOW IT’S BOGUS SO HOLD OFF ON THE EMAILS!)

What I think is pretty telling as well as that NOAA released a statement more than a month ago that their data was incorrect for the last few years that they have been saying were the warmest years on record. The data was in such disarray that they NOW know that in fact that the warmest years on record were more than a decade ago. Yet most major networks have not shared that data.

They will though, because there NOW seems to be a ground swell of people who are now coming on and admitting that MAN is not behind the "climate change" that has taken place for the last decade or so…that in fact it is most probably sun activity (solar flares, burst, etc and even a few who speak of the Sun’s "conveyor belt" that operates on a 20+ year CYCLE).

Most Global Warming enthusiasts have even changed from using "global warming" and are now calling it CLIMATE CHANGE.  Hasn’t the weather ALWAYS CHANGED???

Like ANY caring inhabitant on Planet Earth I think that we should do what we can to lessen the amount of oil and gas we burn but ONLY because we have to become less dependent on the oil producing nations that WILL end up holding us for ransom.

We’d certainly like to see people REALLY show some love to Mother Earth and clean her up…but you have to get your hands dirty doing that!

I’d STILL like to see some of our more caring people, you know the "I am one with Earth" crowd – to put the bongs down, get off their futons and pick up the trash that litters the roadways EVEN in our own community! But NO, that’s not PUBLIC enough for them. Their voices need to be heard, even if their hands need to stay clean.

We offered a FREE HOODIE for anyone (while supplies lasted) who simply picked up two bags of litter in our area…and we have YET to receive ONE photo from ONE Mother Earth Loving Soul. So much for true love! We’re feeling for you Mama Earth!

I know I’ll hear from some who will write to me that none of this is about SKIING…but CLIMATE CHANGE and WEATHER is certainly about skiing…so save your keyboards.


8 Days to Go Until the 1st Annual Summit! If you’re reading this, you’re invited!

72+ people have committed to come and we have several of the most notable messageboard crew coming including GaTom, Mellow Yellow and others. Some of the newer, most active members such as TheGnar will be there and we’re trying to nudge some of the top messageboard people to make it. Meteorologist Brad Panovich will be there doing a remote weather broadcast for WCNC TV (with us as a background!) and Snowshoe’s President and COO, Bill Rock is providing some first tracks for us Sunday AM. Marketing Babe (she knows that I mean that in the best possible way!), Laura Parquette will be there making some turns with us…as will Marketing Director Brad Larsen, VP Ed Galford and others! We have the WV Ski Areas Spokeperson, Joe Stevens who is going to hang with us…

There’s FREE Wings, Free Sunday lift tickets and $100 OFF On Mountain Lodging for Summit Attendees! The only thing missing so far is YOU (If you haven’t made reservations yet!)

Click here to Join Us for All of the Fun of Spring Break and/or the Summit Weekend!

Until Next time…

Be sure to visit  for more news from the rest of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic ski areas!

Send your snow photos, videos, comments or emails to: [email protected]

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