Good Lord is it snowing!

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Several people have emailed us today with storm totals and the figures range from 9" to 14" around the High Country area and 21" up at Snowshoe in West Virginia. We’ve had a LOT more snow than the 13" of accumulation on my front deck of my home. Tbe howling winds of last night and today limited the amount of snow to be found "everywhere". As we mentioned at midday today…it began snowing harder than I’ve seen it snow since the Blizzard of ’96 (not quite as hard as the ’93 Blizzard) and if it hadn’t been for periods where the sun popped out…there’s no telling how much snow we’d have gotten by now.

The snow intensified this afternoon at 4pm and as the sun went down, the snows really began to mount up again. As Brad had forecasted, the colder temps made for powdery snow. Hwys 105 and 184 are snowcovered now and the winds have seemed to have calmed down some.

We drove through Sugar and Banner Elk and it appeared that Sugar and Banner Elk may have picked up another 3" of snow today. (Again, I’m sure it snowed MUCH more than that, but the winds kept the depths down.) Even so, there appeared to be a good 10" of snow cover.

We have horses that needed caring for over between Banner Elk and Valle Crucis off of Hwy 194 and we drove over there at about 4:30pm and I could not believe the amount of snow they had in that area!

There are those of you who will swear that I’ve caught the Sugar Snow Fever, but without exaggeration there was OVER 16" of amazing powder everywhere. I had to force trenches with my 4WD Truck and back up and get momentum JUST to cut my way through to the barn area. Once up there my kids and I trudged through over-the-knee snow to the top ridge of the property and the drifts up there were JUST BELOW MY ARMPITS! I know, I know you’re not believing this…but I will be back up there on Wednesday and I will have digital camera in hand. Either that area of Banner Elk never had any breaks in the clouds today…or I NOW KNOW where the wind takes all the snow!

Do me a favor and drop me an email with YOUR snow totals and any interesting stories and we’ll put together some interesting compilation and post it on Wednesday.

Brad says more accumulations are expected and that we may see 20-24" of snow around Sugar and Beech…by the time this is all over tomorrow night! You can only estimate storm totals in those areas right now, but I think it’s safe to say that Sugar has seen about 16" thus far and MORE has actually fallen.

Snowshoe Reported In – 21" of Fresh Powder has fallen as of late this afternoon, (16" in the last 24 hours) With More on the Way…6" – 8" MORE is expected by Thursday morning.


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