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Check the SLOPE CONDITIONS page this morning for the detailed information pertaining to low temperatures, base conditions and slope openings. We have seventeen less trails open today than from Wednesday. We’re in the last few days of the 2006-2007 season at several resorts and we know of three or four resorts that will ski on til April 1st. Thanks to Mark McKelvy for sending us some new pics from Appalachian yesterday. They look p-r-e-t-t-y darn nice! Check out the LIVE CAM IMAGE! 

Thanks for the great emails that we received overnight about yesterday’s update. I thought it was a bunch of ramblings from just another guy in a semi-bad mood because ski season was coming to an end. I was really surprised to see that nobody jumped on me about my “global warming” comments. I suppose that a lot fewer people than you might think actually fall for that farce. Have you ever noticed how any of the so-called experts never actually use FACTS to back their statements up? They always use words like “possibly”, “maybe”, or “perhaps” when they are describing how the world’s dying. Funny!

Yesterday I had to laugh watching former Vice President, Al Gore speaking about it. Have you ever noticed how he speaks down to people in a way that seems to be saying “I know so much more about the world than you do”? Of course, I should be very thankful to the “Gore-acle” for inventing the internet, because without him, you wouldn’t be reading this! Again – funny!

There is a huge movement that is now finally taking hold and exposing the “Global Warming Farce” for what it is and it’s really quite nice to see that enough people are fed up with the lunacy. Since there’s no real “news” to share on the ski scene today, I’m going to do my part to keep the wave of factual commentary flowing to finally put an end to the “Global Warming” lunacy.


Before I get going, let me do one thing that our esteemed former Vice President and many other so-called experts fail to do. I want to first say that I am no expert. Of course neither are most of the people who are representing themselves as such – who are warning us about how we are killing our planet. I could spend a bunch of time arguing about how most of the same people who are telling us the sky is falling now – are among the same people who told us 30 years ago that we’d all be living in domes now, because the Earth’s atmosphere and climate wouldn’t support life. That’s a fact. Thirty years ago there were numerous “Global Warming” alarmist who described how many of us would be walking around with huge boils and cancerous lesions caused by exposure to our sun. However, I am not going to spend too much time on that because THANKFULLY more and more people are now coming forward to reveal this issue as a hoax of huge proportions.

What I am going to do is mention some facts that you may not have heard before. How about this fact:

The world was MUCH WARMER during the 1200s than it is today. Much Warmer. (Must have been all of those automobiles, huh?)

How about the FACT that during the period from 1000 AD until about 1400 AD there was a period of about 400 years that is known as the “Medieval Warm Period”? The existence of this unusually warm period has been recognized in scientific literature for decades. In the Medieval Warm Spell grapes grew in England where they will not today.


I have had the “Global Warming” debate with some college professor friends and they all have looked at me as if to say, “You poor, uneducated man. You just don’t know what I know.” Funny thing is that NOW more and more of these same people who were Mr. Gore’s biggest supporters ten years ago are now “on the other side.” Even the New York Times, which has been an amazing Gore supporter in the past is NOW saying that Mr. Gore’s newest foray into the “Global Warming” issue is bogus, exaggerated and without factual basis. Amazing stuff.


I was doing some research on the “Global Warming” issue two years ago and ran across some very interesting documents online that were posted by a young person named, Carl Strohmeyer. He wrote that shortly after he had published a science paper shooting holes in the “Global Warming” farce that he received an email from a major researcher in the area of climate change. Strohmeyer’s paper alluded to the Medieval Warming Period and showed numerous facts of periods of time where the Earth was far warmer than today. This email stated, among other things, “We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period."

You see the MWP showed that the Earth had actually been warmer during numerous periods of the past. Another FACT that most of the GWF (Global Warming Fanatics) fail to reveal is that studies in Antarctica (as well as many other places, including Mt Shasta in the USA) show the ice sheet growing, not retreating like we hear all of the time. Most articles and news make it sound as if all of Antarctica is melting. We have been misled, because it’s mainly only the ice on the Antarctic Peninsula that’s melting.

A year or so ago a photo began circulating by GWF that showed a poor, Polar Bear “trapped” on an island of ice. NOW the truth comes out that the photo crew actually had a rifle trained on the beast in case he jumped off and attacked them. You see polar bears can SWIM!

It is no surprise to learn that the vast majority of GWF have received federal grants and to keep that money coming, they need to keep the frenzy growing. Could THAT be what got the flood of mis-information flowing? Hmmmm. When you have “fellow scientists” emailing and writing people to say that we need to ignore or “get rid of” the MWP data, you have to wonder.


It is really interesting to look at history and see how truly cyclical weather trends are. For example, right after the MWP that lasted from 1000-1400, there was a period that is widely known as “The Little Ice Age” of the 14th century. That COLD PERIOD stuck around until about 1570. (You can Google ‘Frobisher’s journal for a lot more on that period.) However, there is written journals that allude to a period during the mid 1600s when there was a “year without a summer.”

There was another period prior to the early 1850s wherein numerous, worldwide scientists wrote about how the world’s temperatures were unusually warm. Again, no SUVs to blame for that one either!

It is VERY interesting that all of the charts and data that are used as “facts” to support the GWF – only go back to the 1850s. You see it was during the mid 1850s that global temperatures bottomed out. So if you take that period as your starting point, then it’s EASY to show how much warmer we are than then. Of course just ten years earlier we had a year without a summer.

Of course, revealing that all of these climate changes and trends are NATURAL or God controlled is just not acceptable. We EVIL men of the United States are to blame. We HAVE to be.

There are those (including Mr. Gore) who would tell us that all of these hurricanes are a sign of how “Global Warming” is creating more numerous and more devastating hurricanes. First, the “more devastating” MIGHT have something to do with the fact that damage is dictated by the COST of storms. Since EVERYTHING is more costly now – a storm of the same intensity 100 years ago didn’t COST as much than one of today.

It should also be noted that scientists agree that hurricane severity ebbs and flows along with other aspects of climate, the last two years were great examples; 2005 being a really active year, while 2006 was one of the quietist in many years.

As far as the Earth “healing or regulating” itself you should consider the FACT that hurricanes are nature’s way (God’s way in my humble opinion) of cooling things down from time to time. Whether He sends them as needed, or things were set in motion thousands of years ago doesn’t matter. The FACT is that an average hurricane vents heat high into the Stratosphere cooling the Earth’s surface, especially in Equatorial regions.

Here’s another FACT. Data collected in the Great Britain show temperatures in the troposphere is virtually unchanged since 1979 if volcanic eruptions and El Nino events are taken into account.

Want more facts? Did you know that NASA says that Mars is undergoing a global warming of its own? Yep. Of course Martians implemented solar cars and SUVs ions ago. I kid because I care! The ONLY thing that we have in common with Mars is the Sun. NASA SUSPECTS that the Martian global warming is SOLAR and not because we’ve been crashing unmanned satellites into its surface. This fact was brought up to some of the GWF supporters recently. They countered with the FACT that Mars’ warming was because Mars’ orbit wobbles and therefore THAT was why Mars was warming up. Unfortunately they had no further argument when it was brought to their attention that the Earth’s orbit wobbles as well.


This article could go on and on and bore you guys to tears. However, we’ll leave that to Mr. Gore to do! It IS cool though to see FINALLY that more and more people are coming forward and disposing of this farce once and for all.

We are not in an “end the world if we don’t change global warming period”. We happen to be part of the lucky (or unlucky) sperm club that happens to be living during a climatic cycle that is just a bit warmer than those alive during the 1800s, etc. If Christ doesn’t return sooner, smarter people than us will have a great laugh at our expense in another hundred years or so when they read all of the commentaries and “studies” that have been put forth from buffoons like Mr. Gore.

It is nice to see that there are SOME people in the news who are now beginning to seek out the real facts, money trail and drive for socialism that fuels the false hysteria that WAS the Global Warming fiasco.


I just finished a study that shows scientific “proof” that if the world is still here as we know it in the year 2212-2213, that our Southeast and Mid Atlantic ski areas will have a record season of natural snowfall. Areas as far south as Sapphire Valley in North Carolina will experience from 120-130” of snow! Yahoo! Tune up those laser-guided, levitating skis and boards!


Until Next Time…

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